Summer Goals

This is my first summer as a mom with kids in school. The first summer where our day-to-day will look dramatically different than when school is in session.

It’s also the first summer that I haven’t been having a baby, living in another country or moving. So, I’m pretty excited and I want it to be an intentional time of reconnecting.

Before we started making our summer plans as a family, we talked over how we wanted this summer to feel. Did we want to travel? Did we want to move? Did we want to make some strides in personal growth?

After talking it out, we all agreed, we wanted to reconnect. Reconnect with each other, reconnect with what’s important to us. Settle in to some healthy rhythms, not do anything crazy or disruptive.

Now that we had a direction, we started making some individual notes and plans. I made up this “Goal Sheet” for each person in the family to fill out and then we got together and funny enough there was a lot of overlap.

We each wanted to stay healthy, we each wanted to do some pleasure reading. We each wanted to have some fun family adventures.

After laying it all out we created a few rhythms:

  1. Daily rhythms: With four kids, if I don’t set up SOME sort of structure on the daily, things will run into chaos. So, we set up a daily rhythm that we employ most days. – Chores, – Reading, – Imaginative Play, – Screens. We also do highs & lows for the day and read a family book out loud each evening. This is our daily order for most days.
  2. Weekly rhythms: We decided to exercise four times a week in the mornings, have ONE family fun adventure per week, one day a week for playdates with friends, and a weekly reading list that IF we all complete, means we get a family pizza party.

Of course I realize all of these plans may go to nothing once the summer get’s going, but I love moving into these next 10 weeks knowing what fun activities we have planned, when we are free to get together with friends, a simple daily rhythm for those days we stay home and just play, read, go to the pool or bake together.

What I don’t want is to go into the summer with no plan, no direction, no guidance, no goals – kids saying they’re bored, me feeling like the days are hot and endless, way too much screen time, and getting to the start of another school year wondering where our summer went.

Here are the printable you can use to create your own reading lists, adventure lists and individual goal sheets. I hope it inspires you to seize this summer, let it be a time of joy, connection with your kids and lots of fun.


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