Breaking Down the Numbers: Does Shakeology Make Financial Sense?

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When I first started drinking Shakeology I fully intended to send it back. There was a money back guarantee and in my mind there was NO WAY Shakeology could be worth $130 for a month supply.

And then…I drank it.
Every day, for 30 days.

The cravings that used to RULE me were broken. My energy (which was non-existent) skyrocketed. My milk supply was way stronger than it had ever been, I was losing weight and I thought – “Oh crap…I have to find a way to keep drinking this stuff.”

So, I looked at ways to fit it into my budget – I shaved about $40 off our monthly eating out budget and then another $20 off our weekly grocery budget. BAM! I found $130 – It wasn’t that hard really…I stopped getting chips, cookies, fruit snacks, juice, ice cream and cereal.

Now OBVIOUSLY everyone is in a different place financially. So whether or not Shakeology will make sense financially for YOU is something that is incredibly unique to YOU, this is just MY story and me breaking down MY numbers to see if Shakeology financially makes sense.  Hopefully this blog post can give you some real life numbers and some ideas if this a product that you WANT in your life but are having trouble figuring out how it will actually work.

When we first decided to make it a monthly expense, we were living on one income. My husband is a teacher – so we were on a TIGHT budget, I had JUST  started coaching (and a BIG motivation for coaching WAS to help us afford Shakeology a little more comfortably – but that’s another story for another blog post!) but I wasn’t really making a ton of money at the beginning! So fitting Shakeology into our budget wasn’t something that was an EASY for us because we did not have hardly ANY extra income.


But all of that was three YEARS ago and my new grocery habits have been so established at this point, I don’t even really think about it anymore. So I decided to take a week, REALLY look at the numbers and contrast every time I had my Shakeology against what I WOULD have had instead and see if it is not only “fitting” into my budget, but maybe….actually….SAVING me money, which would be RIDICULOUS because the nutritional density of Shakeology is outstanding.

(I am basing these costs on the FULL price of Shakeology which is $4.33 per shake, but of course I get a discount as a coach, so I actually saved EVEN more!)

So, here are the results:

Day 1: Saturday @ Legoland
Shakeology: $4.33
Salad: $10.50

Day 2: Sunday @ home cooked meal
Shakeology: $4.33
Beef roast with Potatoes: $4.10

Day 3: Monday @ home cooked meal
Shakeology: $4.33
Chicken and Rice and Broccoli: $3.83

Day 4: Tuesday @ home cooked meal
Shakeology: $4.33
Taco Tuesday: $3.00

Day 5: Wednesday @ Target
Shakeology: $4.33
Starbucks: $5.35

Day 6: Thursday @ home for a mid-afternoon snack
Shakeology: $4.33
Luna bar: $1.15

Day 7: Friday @ Breakfast with a friend
Shakeology: $4.33
Smoothie bowl: $11.50

Total savings: $9.12 for the week!!
If this number holds true for each week of the month that’s nearly $40 a month of SAVINGS.
Meaning, if I DIDN’T have this $130 bag of Shakeology, I would have spent $40 a month MORE.


This is CRAZY. Even if I came out EVEN and Shakeology cost the exact same as whatever I substituted it with I would still be a WINNER because the nutritional density is SO MUCH higher – but the fact that it is SAVING me money, at the end of the day *mind blown*

I get to drink this incredible product and I’m actually going to end up in the BLACK, with money in my pocket from it?!? I mean….come on!

The next time someone tells me that Shakeology is expensive I am going to laugh in their face!! (not really, because I’m nice….but inside, yes – I will be laughing)

Especially when:
A smoothie from Daily Harvest is $7.00+
A smoothie from Smoothie King is $6.00+
A latte from Starbucks is $5.00+
A healthy salad from Chick Fil A is $7.00+
A cold pressed juice is $9.00+
A smoothie bowl is $10.00+
A healthy salad from the Whole Foods salad bar is $10.00+

And Shakeology has a higher nutritional density and profile than ALL OF THEM.


I don’t have to buy prenatal vitamins (I’m still breastfeeding so I should be taking them), or probiotics, or digestive enzymes – and I didn’t even factor in THOSE savings in this equation. I didn’t factor in the savings that MANY of my clients have had because they no longer have to be on thyroid medications, diabetes meds, depression meds and more. (Disclaimer – Shakeology is not FDA approved to replace any of these medications, not that I give a rat’s ass what the FDA says because….well again, another topic for another post <insert Monsanto controlled government rant here> these are just results some of my clients have had from drinking Shakeology – their story – not something that I or Beachbody or anyone else claims will happen to everyone).

I’m not usually THIS strong about Shakeology, especially not here on my blog. But looking at my numbers from this week and I am flipping the heck out.

If you have no clue what Shakeology even is….watch this webinar I did on the SCIENCE behind Shakeology (warning, I am a total nerd face).

You can choose not to drink Shakeology for a NUMBER of reasons, and I respect that 100%….but if your reason has been that it’s too EXPENSIVE – take another look. Do the math. Get Shakeology, drink it for 30 days. Write down what you WOULD have eaten instead of the Shake, and see for yourself!

You can get your money back even if the bag is empty at the end of 30 days! (Disclaimer, if you go and try to get it from amazon or some other unauthorized source, Beachbody will not honor the money back guarantee, it is only valid for those who order through a certified Beachbody Coach … like me! <3 )

What do you have to lose? You’ll probably save money, feel amazing, maybe drop some weight, maybe stop eating the crap you know you shouldn’t eat but never have the will power to say no to…this is just MY story, and MY experience, but I encourage you to find your own!

(Disclaimer, yes I am a Beachbody coach and I sell Shakeology – but the numbers are the numbers – Shakeology saves me money. Period. Although, quite honestly, even if it didn’t, even if I came out even – even if *gasp* it COST me a little MORE!! I totally would.)

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