The Beginnings of Our Life of Freedom

The Beginnings of Our Life of Freedom

“Mommy, this is the funnest day ever!” My son looked up at me as we walked toward the Metrorail station. The sun was setting and he had just given a homeless man with a gold tooth a high five. “That man looked like a cowboy!” He told me amazed.

My 4 year old daughter Jasmine yelled excitedly, “An escalator!!” and up we went to catch the train home.

There are days when you work hard, and there are pay days, when you reap the reward of all your hard work and yesterday was one of those days.

My husband and I have hearts filled with wanderlust and before we had kids and were enjoying two incomes we traveled! Costa Rica, New York, Istanbul and various road trips. It’s in our blood.

Having three kids in under three and a half years was a jolt to our way of living. It was a brand new adventure that was more challenging than we thought, but more rewarding than we could have imagined. Still, we dreamed of travel, exploration and freedom. My husband is a teacher, so we have time – summers, spring break, lots of holidays and his work day ends at 2:30pm every day!! Time is not the problem, but money and energy is.

Before I got healthy, the thought of going anywhere outside of the home with three littles was laughable!! I could barely get mouths fed every day let alone plan trips and outings. If you’ve been following my journey at all you know that this past  year and a half I’ve been making small changes in my health – the greatest of which is the mental shift that I am WORTH investing in and I am going to make my heath a priority, not an afterthought or luxury. At the same time I’ve been working hard at the business side of Beachbody coaching. Basically pouring into others – helping them achieve their dreams, giving them tools to be successful in their own businesses and when I do that, I’ve started to find my own income growing steadily.

Funny thing happened as I started growing as a leader, growing as a business woman, doing things I never thought I could do – I decided to homeschool as well! Something that completely intimidated me and I thought I just couldn’t do became not only an option, but something I love!

Hard work on my health + Hard work on my business + Hard work to become a homeschool mom = Freedom

IMG_2302We spent the entire day yesterday exploring our city – driving down to my husband’s work at 2:30pm, taking the trolley, having a birthday lunch, walking around our beautiful city, catching the train to downtown, seeing the tower my five year old son has been wanting to see for weeks. Exploring new restaurants and seeing the beautiful yachts in the Miami bay.

Not once worrying about work, school or our budget being destroyed by this one outing (like it would have been in the past). IMG_2299

We have big plans and dreams to travel the world with our little ones – I’ve got lots of work to do to get there, but for now, I am over the moon at the glimpse into our future that I got today – exploring, wandering, being in awe, experiencing new things, getting quality time with my littles, valuing experiences over things and being completely FREE to live the life we LOVE.

The suburbian, 9-5, buy a house, then buy a bigger house that you never spend time in, then get a nicer car, but you don’t know your neighbors, or really know your kids, but you have lots of stuff, but you aren’t free – that life is like POISON to us – always has been. But unless you DECIDE you want differently, and WORK for it, and make plans, and take control of your life – you will spend it building someone else’s dream. I guarantee that.

Yes, it takes work, yes it takes sacrifice, but if you can DREAM it – don’t let ANYONE tell you it’s not possible!!!

What do you want to do with your one wild and precious life?

My husband and I want to travel, we want to invest in missions – not just pray for people, but put real money down to support our friends who are missionaries all over the world, we want to teach other men and women how to build a life of financial freedom so that they can do the things they are passionate about rather than work long hours and never have time to invest in what REALLY matters to them.

We want to teach our kids how to be leaders, problem solvers, think independently, not blame employers, society or the government for their problems but take control of their own life. We can only teach this to them if we live it!

It may not come over night, but with hard work, over time there is NOTHING you can’t do. I have believed in this opportunity with Beachbody from day one and seeing the pay day starting to roll in I am even more excited and motivated to share it with others.
I am currently mentoring women in this lifestyle – teaching them how to build six-figure incomes and a business that can be done anywhere. It is for those who are willing to learn, believe in themselves, grow into leaders and LOVE helping others. If you’d like to learn more about Beachbody coaching and this opportunity, CLICK HERE for my “What is Beachbody Coaching” free group on Facebook.

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