3 Day Refresh + 21 Day Fix Extreme

3 Day Refresh and 21 Day Fix Extreme

It happens EVERY time. I start a new program with big goals, enthusiasm runs strong and I’m doing great. Then, there’s a party, a special date night, a stressful day and I get off track. Life happens.

What I do AFTERWARDS makes ALL the difference. After reading The Hunger Fix and learning about how powerful sugar’s hold over our brain is and the necessity of detoxing to give our brain time to build better habits, I decided to do the 21 Day Fix Extreme *with* the 3 Day Refresh. I thought about starting with it, but I felt like I was pretty determined at the beginning and was sticking to my meal plan perfectly.

I thought of ending with the 3 Day Refresh to REALLY make those after pictures look fantastic, but when I celebrated my sister-in-law’s bridal shower this past Saturday and was confronted with delicious bread, truffle mashed potatoes, sweet and tangy spring rolls, and an entire dessert table – I caved, big time, and I KNEW that if I had any hope of finishing the 21 Day Fix Extreme program strong, I NEEDED a detox. So Sunday morning I jumped right into the program.

Here’s how it works:

The 3 Day Refresh gives your body a break from dairy, grains, animal protein and processed sugars for three days.  You are still eating fruits, vegetables, healthy fats, protein shakes with vegetarian protein sources and a fiber sweep once a day (don’t worry, it’s gentle).

3 Day Refresh Day 1Day one was Sunday, which is always a busy day for me! This Sunday was even MORE SO because we were having a big potluck at my church, so in addition to getting my workout in, getting the kids ready, getting myself ready – I also had a dish to prepare and bring. Thankfully, on the Refresh, breakfast is Shakeology with 1 fruit blended in so that saved me time (it’s what a typically eat on Sunday morning anyways!).

Since I would be eating out at church, I grabbed some strawberries and celery and peanut butter that I had already prepared before hand and the Vanilla Fresh protein shake packet along with my shaker cup. I was able to enjoy my lunch while the rest of my family dug into the potluck. I didn’t even crave the food – I was really full and satisfied with my fruit-veggie-healthy fat combo and protein shake.

When I got home I was super sleepy (Saturday was a long day!) so I took a nice long nap, got up and made my afternoon snack which is a veggie + healthy fat. I made kale, mushroom and peppers sauteed in olive oil with salt and lemon juice – so yummy!!

In the evening I was craving something warm so I made a soup with some water, bone broth, sliced cabbage (for my veggie), lime juice and fresh cilantro. It hit the spot! I also drank one more Vanilla Fresh shake, but I added cocoa powder, just to change up the flavor a bit.

I ended the night with herbal tea.

Day 2 – Monday3 Day Refresh Day 2

I had my Shakeology again for breakfast, feeling really good! You are supposed to do just yoga and modified exercise while on the Refresh, but I was feeling awesome so I did P90X3 on Sunday morning and like an HOUR of Cize on Monday because it was so fun and I kept repeating the dance at the end!

I had a play date scheduled, so I packed up a quick salad and a peach for my lunch (plus of course, my Vanilla Fresh). This detox keeps you energized, so I didn’t feel like I couldn’t do my normal mom stuff, and even eating so many meals out of the house wasn’t a problem – especially because it’s just fruits and veggies and I prep those ahead of time.

For my mid-afternoon snack I had some peppers and hummus and then for dinner I made a moroccan carrot salad (from the Refresh recipe book, which is included with the program) and some of the leftover soup from the night before, plus another Vanilla Fresh shake. It was DELICIOUS and again, even though my family was having piping hot and gooey pizza, I was totally ok.

3 Day Refresh Day 3Day Three – Tuesday

This was the hardest day, I think I was just ready to eat real food again – even though I felt good, I just wanted to eat more than fruits and veggies. I had my shake for breakfast, the fiber sweep is taken between breakfast and lunch and really fills you up and helps you make it all the way till lunch. I was feeling like I needed a little pick-me-up so I made a quick green juice in the morning as well!

We were out of the house again for lunch (all three days I was out of the house for lunch, it’s totally do-able even if you are on the go). I just grabbed an apple and some baby carrots with hummus for lunch – plus the Vanilla Fresh Shake.

For snack I went a little off program and had some cashews instead of my veggie serving. Dinner was sauteed kale with almonds and another Vanilla Fresh.

I was so excited to wake up this morning and have eggs with kale and peaches for breakfast! But I’m really glad I had the 3 Day Refresh to help reign my crazy sugar cravings in from the weekend and today I have been 100% on point with my eating and feeling amazing.

Here are my before and afters from the 3 Days – you can’t see a HUGE change, and I don’t own a scale so I have no weight loss stats for you, but I wasn’t REALLY doing it to slim down, I was mostly doing it because I KNEW what would happen if I didn’t. That one slip up at the party would have thrown me into a tailspin for the entire last week of the 21 Day Fix Extreme, and I had worked TOO HARD to throw it all away over one event.

3 Day Refresh Results

I love how this program let’s you LIVE LIFE and enjoy a party or vacation or weekend and then gets you back on track QUICKLY. I wish I would have done it coming back from Can Cun back in April because it took me a good MONTH to get my cravings and eating back under control and I could have done it in three days!

Right now this program is being bundled with the 21 Day Fix Extreme (and the 21 Day Fix) at a HUGE discount. Message me if you are interested in doing these programs together! I can’t WAIT to finish the 21 Day Fix Extreme on Monday – and I would LOVE to help coach you through it.

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