Why You Should NEVER Give Up on Yourself

Because you were created in the image of God (true story) and He won’t give up on you. (sorry)

Because you will be more miserable giving up on yourself than you will ever be trying to grow. (no matter how many times you try and fail – there’s life in the trying)

Because sometimes not giving up on yourself doesn’t mean trying hard, but taking a break from trying anything and just investing in yourself. Believe you have value and you are worth investing in is the first step. (remember the whole image of God thing?)

Because there is ALWAYS hope.

Because someone in a worse spot that you has risen from the ashes…they were just flesh and blood too.

Because the obstacles in your life can be your excuse or part of your story.

Because deep down you KNOW the story is not over. (you know that right?)

Because there is a community of deep souled, not afraid of messy lives, don’t have their shit together, sisters who are there for you. (what is this magical group I’m talking about? Oh, that’s just my Stronger Together team!)

Because life is hard, but YOU, you are strong.

(These are all things I tell myself when I am tempted to give up…works in progress? always)


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