Why I LOVE Being a Fitness Coach (And Why You NEED One)

Before becoming a Beachbody coach I felt a little bit trapped. Trapped in a body that I didn’t know (or like), trapped in my home with 3 babies ages 3yrs, 2yrs and 3 months with hardly enough energy to get through the day, and trapped financially, barely scraping by. 

I dared to dream that somehow I could take control and push forward, in at least one area where I felt trapped. I decided to get healthy 1st, but before I knew it my journey was inspiring others. I was reading this incredible book called The Slight Edge and one of the mantras in that book that kept coming back to me was:

Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to.

Seeing that other’s were inspired by my physical transformation and the fact that by being willing to workout at all hours of the day (anytime between 6am to 10pm I would NOT let myself miss a workout…even on those days when the babies were up and I didn’t sleep much!) and doing what other’s maybe weren’t, I was achieving success…even with 30 minute workouts. (There is, after all, a limit to what even the most determined mom’s can do!)

The day I became a coach I wrote down several “goals” both physical and financial. I was scared to put them down on paper. I felt so bold and daring to even hope that I could be successful. 

These goals may seem small, but they are just the beginning…3 months into coaching and these are no longer goals on a sheet of paper, but realities: 

1st: Run 1 mile without stopping (done!)
2nd: Run 5k without stopping (done!)
3rd: Loose 25lbs of baby weight (done!)
4th: Start seeing muscle definition (done!)

1st: Earn enough to offset the cost of the program (done!)
2nd: Earn enough to provide Shakeology for my family (this was REALLY important to me!) (done!)
3rd: Earn $300 to supplement our monthly income (done!)

And this is just the beginning!…

After getting my feet wet and learning a lot, I would love to help others who are interested in this same opportunity, this has been too much of an incredibly life changing positive experience for me…send me a message if that’s you!