Finding Freedom in a Laundry Basket

There is this area in my life that I have been trying to get ahold of for YEARS and yet, despite my many promises to myself to “do better” and “try harder” I seem to fail and fail time after time. Keeping my house clean. You might think I’d be embarrassed to admit that so Read More

Chia Seed Jam

I’m always in that struggle between wanting to make healthier things for my kids and at the same time not having a ton of time to MAKE everything from scratch. Convenience always seems to come at a price nutritionally but this is real life. So, when I come across something that is healthy, easy to Read More

Healthy Meals and Snacks for Kids

When I first started making small healthy changes in my life I knew my kid’s eating habits also needed to change, but being that I was already overwhelmed with just ME – I decided to table that for the moment. I focused on what I was eating, getting into a routine and finding recipes that Read More

Taking a Family Sabbatical

Taking a sabbatical is something that many professors and pastors do. The concept is to go away for one year, after seven years of working. The time away is usually spent on travel or study. It’s a break from the day to day grind to get refreshed and inspired. I’ve had a lot of questions Read More

How to Thrive in a Foreign Land

Growth. Change. New experiences. New flavors. A new way of life. How does any of this happen? How do we go from things being COMPLETELY foreign and uncomfortable and strange and scary – to normal(ish) and a rhythm we can keep up with and start to feel apart of? It happens one day at a Read More

Coconut Cream and Cashew Crust Tart

I’ve been having so much fun exploring raw foods and a vegan lifestyle. It’s not always been easy, especially when life is hectic and I don’t have a lot of time to prep foods. These past two weeks have been less than stellar in the nutrition department, so I decided to jump back into loving Read More

A Homeschooling Story

“Ok Vanessa, you can do this! You were homeschooled, sure it was like 20+years ago when you were in 1st grade and you were a kid so you weren’t taking notes from your mom, and you had no idea how much pressure you’d feel being completely responsible for the intellectual formation of one of the Read More

Slow Days Ahead

Hey friends!!! Gosh, I haven’t had this long of a hiatus from blogging since starting, over three years ago. The reason for it was simple, I felt the Lord pressing on my heart: “Do less, be more present. Be fiercely devoted to your priorities and do away with all that is secondary.” My poor sweet Read More