Freedom from the Frazzled Mom

Do you feel like you are constantly needing more coffee, counting down the hours till naptime or bedtime?

Are you more often than not feeling frazzled by all the demands of motherhood instead of enjoying and soaking up this season?

Do you feel like if one more person tells you to “treasure up these years because they go by so fast!” you are going to cry because that’s just one more thing you are going to feel guilty about?


I have four small children. I have white yogurt handprint on my black yoga pants at this very moment and I know how crazy it is IN THE TRENCHES.

I used to think it was selfish to set aside time for myself, I used to think eating healthy was complicated and expensive, I used to have a list of excuses a mile long for why I couldn’t honor my health – until I realized how much my lack of energy and poor food choices were affecting my hormones, parenting, marriage and sanity.

I have spent the last three and a half years transforming my health with SMALL baby steps. Doing it at home, with my four littles all around. Fitting a healthy diet around our limited budget and creating a community of other mom’s doing the same.

We are committed to living healthy, strong, vibrant lives because we want to show our children that THIS is the new normal. We want to end generational health issues like obesity, diabetes, heart problems, alzheimers and more. We want better for our family and we are deciding that THIS is the time, in the middle of the mess to make a change.

This program is breastfeeding friendly, budget friendly, and focuses as much on the emotional and internal character building as it does on the exercises and meal plans.

If you want to stop being that frazzled mom who always puts herself last – fill out this application and I will get right back to you – together we can build health habits to last a lifetime!

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