Daily Sunshine


Daily Sunshine is just what I’ve been wanting and hoping for but could never find.

You see, I have a picky eater. One of those children who I LITERALLY am not sure how they survive some days. No matter how creative I get, they always tell me they don’t like it, or take the TINIEST bites and an hour later it looks like they haven’t eaten a THING.

I looked into some of the current on the market children’s smoothies but just couldn’t give them to my kids because Sugar was the second ingredient (after Water) and Soy Protein Isolate was the main source of protein. Ummmmm, NO.

I am SUPER excited about Daily Sunshine, not just as a mom for my kids, but even for ME when I need a quick healthy snack and it’s grocery day – or I’m running off to a meeting or play date and everyone has eaten except for me.

I wish I could slow down our life a bit (and I’m working on it) but until then having quick, healthy alternatives that my kids actually love (yes, I did extensive taste testing on them before buying a whole month’s supply and I was SHOCKED at how quickly they drank it up!!) is a God-send.

So, here’s what Daily Sunshine is:


Daily Sunshine is an amazing tool for mom’s who want their kids to eat healthier – I am SO thankful I found it for my family. My picky eater drinks one every day and is no longer underweight and their energy is notably increased.

I don’t worry about my child like I used to.

When you order the full month supply with home direct super discount shipping it is only $4.40 per shake!
All Organic, non-GMO, Gluten Free, Dairy Free and Soy Free with the unbeatable high quality standards from the creators of Shakeology.

Order your month supply of Daily Sunshine
(with a FULL bottom of the bag, money back guarantee!)

Order a sampler of Daily Sunshine
(with both Chocolate and Strawberry Banana flavors for you and your child to try!)

Also, if you are a little bit of a science nerd (like me) and want to know about the micronutrients that are in Daily Sunshine, this video is GREAT!