My Fall Capsule (2018)

Every fall I take the time to update and refresh my wardrobe.

There are great sales, great new styles, and I can take the time to see what I’m no longer wearing or liking or is fitting me well, and make some updates.

First let me start with my staples, and then I’ll share some more fun additions that can take the basics to the next level and bring a bit more personality and flair.

I think that is one of the biggest complaints I hear about a capsule wardrobe is that there are so few pieces, and most of them are basics, it’s not very interesting or fashion forward. But I have found that having great quality basics, allows me to showcase my more “fun” pieces with confidence, because there is a beautiful base to build off of.

If you are completely new to capsules, you can read a few of my previous posts over HERE and HERE. Or you can download my free capsule wardrobe planning guide HERE.

I always start with a color pallet.
I’m still in love with burgundy, navy, olive and mustard.
I’ll throw in a little blush pink and brown here and there.
And my favorite prints are stripes, animal print and muted florals.

Once I decide on my colors and prints I evaluate my wardrobe and make sure there are no obvious gaps in my basics before I begin to build with more style pieces.

These are what I believe are necessary basics for my wardrobe. Most of them are basics and somewhat “boring” but there are places to have fun and I have marked these with an *


  • White T-shirt
  • Black Cami
  • Colored T-shirt or Tank
  • Colored/patterned tunic*
  • Chambray/Denim button down
  • Print (striped, animal print, etc.) blouse*


  • Denim jacket
  • Cardigan/Duster/Kimono*
  • Pullover sweater
  • Moto jacket
  • Blazer*


  • Black Pant/Jean
  • Dark wash skinny jean
  • Lighter wash boyfriend jean
  • Wide leg jean or trouser*
  • Legging (suede or leather)


  • T-shirt Dress
  • Maxi dress
  • Midi Pleated Skirt
  • Jumpsuit (black or patterned)*


  • Ankle Boot
  • Mules
  • Slip on sneakers
  • Colored or patterned shoe*

Twenty-three items (I actually have more than this, I have two items from some of these categories giving me a total of 31 items, but having at least one of each of these is a necessity for me) I make sure my closet is stocked. If I am missing any of these items, or the ones I have look run down or aren’t fitting well, I make a note and start hunting for replacements.

If I have these twenty three items, and they all fit wonderfully, and they stay within my capsule color pallet, I am good to go – I can dress easily and quickly and with confidence.

Here are a few outfits I made with these pieces.
As you can see, each pairing has SOME aspect of interest.

Whether it is the texture from a suede boot or a distressed jean, or the pattern from a blouse or jacket, or the shine from some leather leggings or a fun colored shoe. There doesn’t need to be an overwhelming amount of pattern or sparkle – having too many of those pieces (although they can be beautiful) makes mixing and matching difficult. Good basics, well-fitting and with a small detail of interest + a few higher stylized pieces  = an amazing, versatile wardrobe that leaves you feeling confident and looking great!


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