Creating a Life-giving Morning Ritual

Creating a life giving morning ritual

Why do we love mornings?

It’s a fresh new start.
There’s hope.
A sun rises.
The potential is exhilarating.
We have awoken to a brand new 24 hours in which we can do almost anything!!

Why do we hate mornings?

Not enough sleep.
All we can see are the troubles.
Nothing in the day ahead looks enjoyable.
We feel hopeless.
In a rut.

It’s not the time of day that makes a difference, it’s how we view life on a whole that affects how we do EVERYTHING – yes, even wake up.

As a mom with four kids, I certainly know the pain of the alarm, or the baby, waking me up and my entire body is so tired it’s almost PAINFUL.

I know the depression that feels like an enormous weight, pushing me into the bed and making it near impossible to get up and face another day.

When each morning is full of dread, or stress, or rushing or thoughts of “not enough” it’s only natural that the rest of the day would follow suit.

We wonder why our days seem to pass in a haze of discouragement and disappointment and feeling like we are always running, always exhausted, but never getting anywhere.

Am I getting too deep for you? A little too dark?

This blog post is not about the darkness, it’s about the light.

If I’m honest, that’s what I love the most about mornings, the light. It’s different than evening light, it’s soft, and fresh, and comes straight at me. Not shining overhead, but piercing up over the horizon.

When I hit that pain point in my life, where I was constantly running and doing and tired and beat, and I knew something had to change, I picked ONE spot to focus on. (I could have picked many, MANY areas of chaos in my life, but I’m learning that it’s more effective when I only choose one) That spot was: “mornings”.

I figured, if I could get a little burst of energy in the morning, maybe I could run into my day with some speed and momentum. Maybe I’d rise and shine, instead of shuffle and caffeinate.

The first thing I did was pick the time I wanted to wake up at, and confidently set my alarm for that time.

“Perfect!” I thought, “this will be easy! 5am, here I come!”

Only, it wasn’t.

Apparently there are these things called sleep cycles that are pretty strong and ingrained in our minds ….so a little beeping that I could very easily turn off, wasn’t enough.

I determined not to give up and over time I found tools and tips and resources to help me the night before and the morning of.

But the biggest thing I started to do was gratitude. I practiced gratitude when I went to bed – writing down three things I was thankful for. Three SPECIFIC things.

Going to bed thinking, “Wow, what a great life I have!” started to change my brain!

The next morning when my alarm went off, I was more excited to LIVE.

Then I did my morning gratitude…thinking of three things each morning that I was thankful and writing them down, and once again, I was EXCITED and honored and grateful for my LIFE.

Did I still have problems? Yes.
Did I still struggle throughout the day? Yes.

But change doesn’t happen all at once, it happens in the tiny decisions we make every day and over time, these tiny decisions were changing me.

My morning routine grew to include:

  • Gratitude
  • Listening to inspriational content
  • Reading scripture
  • Making my bed
  • Looking over my day and setting my top goals
  • Working out

Now, the morning is my FAVORITE time.
It’s a time just for me.
It’s literally the ONLY quiet time I have.
It’s the time when I get to be PROACTIVE instead of REACTIVE.
It’s the time when I say: “This is who I am in Christ. This is who I want to be. This is what I am called to do. This is why I do it.”

It’s a space to hope, dream, learn, grown, worship, pray and cry.

I NEED my mornings. And now that I’ve found them, I am never letting them go!!

I have compiled a FREE resource with tips for adjusting and enriching your sleep cycle, getting up with the alarm, how to set yourself up for success the night before, tips for helping your children establish a healthy sleep cycle as well and set boundaries so your mornings are respected, a check list for the evening and morning and other fun tools that I use like specific oils, wake lights for the kids, alarms and features and all natural plant-based pre-workout formula that makes my morning workouts possible.

Click here to get access to it, and I truly hope it serves you to establish your own BEAUTIFUL morning routine.

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