24 Days of Holiday Activities

24 Days of Holiday Activities for Kids

It’s just, the best. All the little things are my favorite.

The decorating, the smells, the music, the baking the lights, the candles, picking out the perfect gifts.

Having kids takes it to a whole other level. Their excitement and wonder is infectious, but, as with most things that are done with kids – it can be messy and chaotic.

I am not on Christmas number EIGHT with kids – and with four littles I am learning to do LESS and plan MORE.

So, here are the activities I have planned for us to do. I am starting TODAY on November 14th, because, try as I might, I NEVER have the energy or ability to do something EVERY SINGLE DAY during the holiday season.

We are stretching 24 days of activities over 42 days. This is going to be just perfect for us. It works out to about 3 days a week, until the week before Christmas when we will have something every single day.

In addition to giving ourselves more time to enjoy Christmas, I am also planning ahead like WHOA. You’ll probably think I’m crazy, but I planned out each day, and went shopping today for all the little things I will need for each craft and each activity. I labeled 24 brown paper bags, one for each day, and filled it with all the supplies I will need for each day.

Some days don’t have anything inside, except a piece of paper telling us what we are doing that day. Other bags are filled to almost bursting (the day we are making a homemade gingerbread house has SO much candy and decorations!).

I have also included in each bag a reading from the Jesus Storybook Bible, so I don’t have to search for it, it’s already planned out.

I’m really excited, I think we might have a CHANCE of enjoying these activities and crafts…but you know, with four kids, I’m sure we’ll have some less than picture perfect Christmas memories as well! And that’s ok.

Here is the list that I made for us:

If you want to download the PDF to print, click here –> 24 Days of Activities for Christmas.

I’ve also compiled every craft and recipe we are doing on a Pinterest board – it doesn’t have a million pins, JUST the ones that correspond with this list.

Ok – my kids are begging me to get off the computer so we can start day 1!! Here we go!

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