How to be an Annoying Beachbody Coach

Are you wondering if being a Beachbody Coach is something that might be right for you? Are you concerned about alienating your friends and family or turning into one of those spammy multi-level marketers?

I totally get it. One of the biggest reasons I was nervous to sign up as a coach was because I didn’t want to be one of THOSE coaches. You know, the ones that make you roll your eyes and feel super uncomfortable.

Well, guess what? Even though I made PLENTY of mistakes along the way, and even did a few of these “annoying” things, I always made sure the LEARN from my mistakes. Here are five top things that are SUPER annoying, and if you avoid doing them, you will be on your way to building an amazing and fulfilling Beachbody coaching career.


#1) All of a sudden, ONLY post about Beachbody stuff

This is something that happens most often in brand new coaches. I get it, you are SUPER excited about how your life is TRANSFORMING. Life transformation is a BIG DEAL and once you experience it, you genuinely want to tell EVERYONE about it. I remember thinking – WHY AM I JUST FINDING OUT ABOUT THESE TOOLS NOW?! Why did no one tell me about this sooner!?!? I want to scream from the mountain tops!

Here’s the thing, even though you are a little bit obsessed with Beachbody (I am too) it’s not ALL of who you are…is it? NO! None of us are ever only one thing, and to neglect the rest of who you are is just a tiny bit, annoying. Or at the very least, simply overwhelming for most friends and family who have been following you. Just imagine if someone came walking over to you at the park and they were decked out, from head to toe, in some random company name. It would just be creepy, overwhelming and a little off-putting. You would miss so much of who they are as a person. 

I believe this also happens when coaches don’t have confidence in who they are. YOU are amazing – YOU have value to add – YOU are amazing and beautiful and brilliant, and when coaches HIDE behind products it may just be a lack of confidence. (But don’t worry, that can be grown, just like a muscle, give it some attention, do some confidence exercises and in no time, you’ll be sharing all about your life with boldness and heart).

Keep your social media diverse.Try as best you can to keep it an accurate representation of who YOU are in real life. I recommend 80% YOU and value adding content and only 20% Beachbody. 

Oversharing your business is a sure way to annoy family and friends.

#2) Treat everyone as a prospect instead of a person

I am all about hitting goals, getting creative, running hard to achieve something big for your family. However, when it got to be the end of the month and maybe I was feeling desperate to hit my monthly goals, I would feel so tempted to treat others as prospects instead of people. Every single time I did that I would trade a financial, here and now, or accolade for a true and genuine friendship. I realized after a few months of doing that, it wasn’t how I wanted to run my business, it wasn’t the legacy I wanted. “Hitting goals at ALL costs” was not in alignment with my values.

Social media has been an amazing blessing to me and brought me so many incredible friendships. I do use social media to find women who I can relate to and who can relate to me. My hope and prayer is that my life, my words and the tools from Beachbody can be a blessing in their life, but I see them as PEOPLE, not prospects. 

At the beginning of my career I would make a prospects list and think of ways to “convince” others that they should get these programs. Now, I make a “my favorite people” list and think of ways to SERVE them. This subtle shift in thinking has changed EVERYTHING for me. It makes it a JOY to interact on social media, it has allowed me to keep friendships in tact, whether someone joins my team, my challenge group, my email list or simply just likes keeping up with me and my crazy kids. My goal is always the same: serve, give, love and support. 

Learn the top five things you should never do as a Beachbody coach, unless, you want to be super annoying

#3) Forget what it was like when you were first struggling with your health

It’s easy to forget the struggle. It’s easy to have success and conquer your demons and move forward and feel so encouraged and triumphant and post things like: “ The only thing standing in your way is that BS story you keep telling yourself!” -or- “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels.” Sometimes that tough love is helpful, and certainly when you are all-in with your health and feeling great and pushing hard, those quotes just FIRE you up!! But, I know for me, I have forgotten at times to be sensitive. 

As obesity rates climb, more and more of the population is struggling with weight and that comes with so much mental and emotional baggage. There have been studies that show that shaming people, making them feel like a failure, or telling them to just “Try Harder!!” isn’t helpful. Transformation happens best from a place of self-love and desire to HONOR one’s body rather than from a place of self-loathing and hatred. 

If you are not attracting people, take a look at your message, does it give HOPE, or is it a little hard to swallow and insensitive? 

Tips from a top Beachbody coach on how to NOT be annoying and run a profitable business

#4) Share WHAT you do without sharing WHY you do it

This is a BIG mistake I see lots of coaches making. It’s easy to take a post workout selfie or videos. It’s easy to show your Shakeology cup or a salad you just made, but all that does is say: “Look at WHAT I did.” and to that, most people will say: “good for you” and move on. 

Are we sharing to boast or to help? To show off or to offer a life-line? The only way that I can make a difference in someone’s life is if I can reach them on an emotional level. I can share a photo of my post workout but also share WHY this workout was important to me. Share what thoughts I had before starting my workout. Thoughts of discouragement, thoughts of defeat, thoughts of laziness, and how I PUSHED through, and each rep, each jumping jack, each minute that passed I was proving to myself that I am stronger than the defeat of the past. 

Talking about how I am beating generational diseases like cancer, high cholesterol, lupus and addiction – this is my WHY. Until you start getting comfortable with sharing that – your daily “check-ins” that provide no value, no tips, no encouragement, nothing more than just to say: “Look what I did.” will do nothing but potentialy annoy your audience. 

Get vulnerable, share your STORY. Don’t hide behind a Shakeology shaker cup. YOU are the difference maker! Be brave and watch your audience go from rolling their eyes to wiping their eyes. 

#5) Be a taker, not a giver

So often I hear how annoying Beachbody coaches spam people, start conversations with old friends and out of the blue “pitch” their fitness groups. I would avoid this tactic. If you want to build a successful business and grow from a place of integrity, you have to be a giver, not a taker. All this means, is that before you EVER ask anyone for anything, you GIVE to them. 

I have several resources that I like to give to women who reach out to me for help. I have meal plans, workout calendars, checklists, e-books and I am currently working on a video series. This goes back to the idea of “how can I serve” instead of “how can I sell.” 

The more you can give to someone, the more you build trust, and the more you earn the right to help. 

Being a health and fitness coach is not like selling makeup or jewelry. It is an EMOTIONAL journey that we are embarking on with those clients who trust us to lead them through. Because of that, building trust is so IMPORTANT on this journey. Take the time, build the relationship, be a giver, listen more than you talk and understand this is a PERSON, not a prospect.

Tips from a top coach on how to run a profitable business and avoid being an annoying coach


I hope these tips are helpful to you. Just like any other profession, whether it’s a chef, a roofer, a musician or a hair stylist – there are people who are great, genuine, skillful Beachbody coaches and not so great, lazy or selfish Beachbody coaches.  It’s not the profession itself, it’s the people and the approach. 

If you are looking into coaching I would love to chat with you – I firmly believe that this is a job that can bring incredible financial freedom, accountability for your own health journey, a community of positive go-getters and flexibility. I LOVE what I do and I have the awesome privilege to lead my team called The Shine Tribe. We are full of coaches committed to running our businesses with a high level of integrity, value on serving and excellence in everything we do. 

Feel free to reach out to me to apply to explore if this opportunity and my team would be right for you.
And if you DO run into an annoying Beachbody coach, just love on them….and maybe share this blog post 😉


Tips from a top coach on how to run a profitable business with integrity.

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