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I’m constantly evaluating my life. What isn’t working, what is working, what could I do better, where do I need to focus my energy and change?

It might sound exhausting to some, but for me, it’s fun! I learned a few years ago that anything I’m not doing well isn’t something to shrink back from or feel like a failure over, but an opportunity to grow and change and improve and most importantly to SYSTEMIZE!!

I read this quote today: “Whatever area of your life you are feeling overwhelmed in, is an area you need a system for!”

So, when this past month was a disaster in the food department – meaning we ate frozen pizzas more times than I’d like to admit, and I would get to 7pm and look around and realize – oh, I guess I’d better cook something for my family! I knew what needed my attention – meal planning.

But not just meal planning… meal prep.

Meal prep is where you cook all (or some) of  your food ahead of time. It’s a great way to have quick, easy, healthy meals to eat all throughout the week. I typically do it on a Sunday, but I’ve never done it quite like this. I decided to prep EVERYTHING. From breakfast to dinner to snacks.

First I planned out my meals – I kept things simple, two options for breakfast, two for lunch and three for dinner. That was plenty variety for me!

Next I created a grocery list and went out and got all my stuff! Once I got it back home I went through all the things I needed to prep and organized it in such a way that I could get several things done at once. Multi-tasking and getting the most prep done in the lest amount of time.

So I had my food and I had my game plan all I needed was 2 hours on a Sunday with no kids to COOK. And that’s just what I got.

It was fun, it was a lot of work, a TON of dishes and in the end I had all the meals my little  heart could desire, packaged up and in my refrigerator.

Now, you may be wondering – what about your family? What will they eat? Well, some of the meals (like my taco salad) gave me plenty of leftovers so I could easily re-heat the taco meat, beans and corn and throw it on a plate with shredded cheese, salsa and some tortilla chips and have a great dinner for everyone. Other meals didn’t make enough extras, so I bough some simple foods – like quick cooking shrimp and decided to pair it with some pre-made quinoa and a spinach salad. Or – take one night and totally cop out and do a frozen pizza (because – life with four kids).

It’s been incredible. I’ve been able to focus on my kids and my work and projects and when it’s time to eat, just grab a container, heat it up and go! Less dishes during the week and dinner is being consumed on time! Which means the kids are going to bed on time, which means mama gets a nice quiet night….to blog.

If you are interested in this type of meal prep and feel like it might help you out but aren’t sure where to start, I actually created an e-book that not only gives you a menu and grocery list, but step by step instructions on how to cook, prep and package EVERYTHING for a whole week!!

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