I Am the Driver


So, my Christmas tree is still totally up.

I’m not even ashamed – today is the day it all comes down! (Although I’ve said that at least four times now)

To be fair, yesterday was my husband’s first day back to work – he’s a teacher, so as long as he’s on “Christmas break” it’s totally legit for us to still have the tree up….at least that’s my logic.

Yesterday was day one back on our regular schedule – homeschooling, business hours, new chore chart (gah!) and meal planning, the whole shebang.

Unfortunately the day started a little rough. My first child to wake up, climbed into bed and asked me what we would be doing. I explained (with as much excitement and positivity in my voice as I could) that it would be a normal day! School, chores, play time, etc.

Tears. Anger. Utter disbelief.

“A NORMAL DAY?!?! We’re not going to do ANYTHING fun?!”

Oh boy. Hello Monday!

The day unraveled from there. Another child of mine LOST IT (like screaming, flailing on the floor, crying, throwing things, it will go down as the biggest tantrum in my mothering career to date) because I told them they had to share the craft supplies – yup, how dare I?

Getting back into a routine is hard.

Here’s the cool part. Yesterday was actually a REALLY good day!

I started it early, before the crazies got up – even though the baby kept me up quite a bit, and I got to bed late from witnessing my little niece’s birth, but I knew I’d need my morning time (boy was I right!). I read scripture and then listened to my personal development book of the moment called The Energy Bus while I got dressed for the day, brushed my teeth etc.

It was just perfect! The chapter was called: You Are the Driver.

No matter what happens TO ME I get to decide how I respond. I get to decide how I am going to see the events in my day and my life. I am the driver of the energy of the day.

I decided right then and there to set the tone for the day! As difficult as it was – I remained positive. I did not lose my temper with my kids. I was loving and gentle – I decided that we would have a sugar free and screen free day – I stuck to my decision, no matter how much the kids himed and hawed. We even went grocery shopping (yup) with all four, and it was ok! My positivity stayed constant – I had the mindset that my children’t actions didn’t mean I was a bad mom, I didn’t have to “make them” obey perfectly, they could have a bad day but that didn’t mean I had to.

I am the driver.3

Please don’t think I am some perfect super mom – because I am not. There were SEVERAL moments yesterday that I wanted to snap. I wanted to yell, I wanted to throw my own tantrum – yes, my kids make me lose my shit on the regular, I’ve got four of them after all. The point of this post is the POWER of a mindset shift.

Because I had the mindset I did, because I realized that I HAVE THE POWER to be resilient to what goes on around me. Because I was DETERMINED to remain positive and give my children grace (and by grace I mean I didn’t put up with their tantrums or give in, but I just did it with lots of love and hugs) the day ended up pretty fantastic.

No matter what you face – crazy, out of control children, barely 2 hours of sleep, a boss who is out to get you, people who talk evil about you behind your back, or any number of difficult things – YOU ARE THE DRIVER.

I hope that gives you hope – I know it did for me.
Every time a child erupted in tears – “I am the driver.”
Every time I felt overwhelmed at the to do list – “I am the driver.”
When someone else’s negativity started to seep into me – “I am the driver.”

This is MY life and I only get one, I know what kind of energy I want in my house and in my life….now if you will excuse me, I hear one of my children crying and I REALLY need to get that Christmas tree taken down.


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