And I’ll Do It a Thousand Times Again


Every year (for the past few years) I have chosen a word for the year. Something for me to focus on and rally around. A word that not only accounts for where I have been, but where I want to go.

Last year was quite a year of transformation. I transformed my body – it once again was sacrificed for a sweet child of mine, became round and full, gave birth and then healed and returned, stronger than ever.

It was a year where I took on the daunting but beautiful task of formally educating my children at home.

At the same time I was attempting to attain the highest yearly award that Beachbody has to offer and bring significant growth to my team and business.

It was a year where I was at my weakest, most vulnerable and quite frankly saw some pretty amazing failures. Being pregnant is not my favorite and that’s what I was for half the year. Having a newborn and not sleeping, while a special and magical time, is not ideal when starting something as daunting as homeschooling AND running hard after a large business goal, and that’s where I found myself for the second half of the year.

And yet, this year, in the midst of the hormones and the failure and the struggle – I went through a profound deepening of my faith. I had no other option, my stores were running dry and I was woefully inadequate for the rising demands and yet having less than normal strength and energy – and so I ran to HIM who is able to provide more than I could ask or imagine.

This is the year my business goals were not achieved, I added a fourth child to our family, I began homeschooling and I rekindled my faith.

In other words – it was a painfully, hectic, beautiful year.

I not only grew in my relationship with the Lord but I realized that if I was to continue on being all these things: wife, small group leader, mother, teacher, fitness coach, entrepreneur and mentor and still thrive, I needed to face some of my weaknesses (mainly organization) and level up and RISE to the calling.

I sought out tools, in my many failures, I decided that every time I fell, I would not let that be a sign to quit, but a learning opportunity to get new tools, learn new things, become better and stronger and try again. Fail and fail and then try, try, try again – was my mantra in 2016.

So I did. Tools have been gathered, lessons have been learned and as I face 2017 with a 6 month old (who still isn’t sleeping through the night, but…) who is less demanding than a newborn, half a year of homeschooling under my belt, new business goals in my sights, better skills and a mindset that will no longer allow me to hide behind the excuse of “I’m just not a _________ person.” I feel SO excited.

This is my year to RISE.


This is my year to put my hand to the plow, to implement what I have learned, to brush off the dirt from my knees and to RISE. To build, brick by brick the life we long to live – to stop making excuses for why we aren’t there yet and just do what needs to be done – period – when we feel like it and when we don’t.

When the alarm goes off at 4:50am – I will RISE.
When the first attempt to teach the kids fails – I will RISE.
When others around me are giving excuses – I will RISE.
When my own fears whisper in my ear – I will RISE.
When the house is a mess and the to do list is long and I’m let down again and that phone call comes in with bad news like a gut punch to my soul – I WILL RISE.

I will build a life that RISES above mediocrity and complacency and discouragement and settling for earthly riches rubbish and I will RISE to meet my Savior, every morning, see who HE sees me to be, and shake off my guilt and shame and small, short-sighted vision and RISE.

I think you may have guessed my word for the year.

It fires me up.
Like those first few, bright orange rays of the sun that slowly dim the darkness.
I will RISE.

(The theme song for this year inspired the title for this blog post and gives me goosebumps every time I hear it. You can listen in here)

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