It’s Not Me – It’s You: My Breakup with the Gym


My relationship with the gym has been a long and varied one.

When was in college I joined a local gym, super close to my house. It was ladies only (I was incredibly self-conscious) and I signed a two year contract. I KNEW the stigma with gyms. I KNEW that most people got committed to a contract and never actually went beyond the first week or two and I was DETERMINED to go! It was right down the street, I had it all planned out, I would pack my bag and on my way home from work I would drive straight to the gym 4x a week. This.Was.Happening.

And for the first year, I did. Maybe not EVERY week, but I used it! It was where I learned how to use those crazy machines (kind of) and that I prefered the treadmill to the elliptical, free weights were more my style than aerobics classes.

But, as life has a tendency of doing, things changed. I got married and we moved to another neighborhood. Now it would take me 40 minutes one way in rush hour traffic to get to the gym and I knew I wasn’t going to make that happen, but it’s ok – I thought – in the contract it said that I could cancel if I moved away – perfect!!

Only it wasn’t. Apparently, moving away means moving over 23 miles away and I had only moved 18 miles away. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!? My only option was to pay the remainder of the balance if I wanted to cancel – which was about $260. TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY dollars, for something I would NOT use. $260 for NOTHING. ugh.

That hurt, but it is what it is and my husband and I decided that we could just bike around our neighborhood for exercise instead (ha!) and use this little community workout room near our apartment. We tried, we REALLY did. But the workout equipment was mostly broken and the weights were super light (in all fairness, the gym was free and the community was predominately elderly). Needless to say, our workouts were infrequent and the training was not effective.

Then I changed jobs and my new health care provider actually paid for my gym membership – IF I went 3 times a week each month. It seems even health care providers realize that it’s cheaper to pay for a gym membership now than to pay for health problems later.

I did this for a little while, but my new job was about an hour commute each way and to remember my workout clothes, work clothes, shower supplies and leave early enough to get in a good workout, plus shower, plus blow dry, plus makeup before I needed to be at work was a CHALLENGE. I stuck with it for a month or two but after a while I just couldn’t keep it up! Going after work was super hard for me as a newlywed, because by the time it hit 6pm I just wanted to get home to my hubby, cook dinner and be a cute little married couple.

Then we saw a deal at Costco for 2 years at 24 hour fitness. It was $300 per person ($600 one time fee up front!!) but when stretched over the 24 month period came out to $12 per month – $24 for both of us. We thought that would be PERFECT! We could go any time and we actually did. Most days waking up at 5am, working out together, it was pretty fun and we were pretty consistent – about 3 times a week.

And then, life happened again! I got pregnant. I had already suffered a miscarriage, and being a first time mom I was TERRIFIED to workout (I now see how silly that was, but back then I just had no idea) so I just stopped, 1 year left on our membership, and I stopped. Once again, leaving money on the table.

I did a few pre-natal workout videos at home (and by a few I mean, one video that I did maybe 5 times the entire 9 months of my pregnancy!) but pretty much stopped all exercise for 4 years until after my third baby was born.

It was at that time, after gaining 50lbs three times over and not being able to get rid of the last 35lbs from baby number three, that I started thinking of getting back to the gym. It was all I had ever known and seemed like what people do when they want to get fit – but with three small kids in tow and my husband in grad school plus working full time, I was just not sure how to make it work this time!!

The only gym that would even take my kids (because a lot of gym’s with child care require your kids be potty trained first) was going to be $76 per month and we just couldn’t swing that. Finally a Planet Fitness opened up in walking distance of my house and was only $10 per month – and no contract.

GREAT! I thought, I won’t risk leaving money on the table this time. Now the struggle was finding a time to go, because there was no childcare. I ended up going around 9pm/10pm after my husband got home. It was pretty tough, especially because after taking care of three kids all day I was exhausted, but I was so miserable with myself I was quite motivated. The only trouble, I felt like a newbie all over again.

I was so uncomfortable there. Lot’s of beefy men over at the free weights, sweaty machines that I still didn’t fully know how to use, especially now with a postpartum body that was completely unfamiliar with. So I stuck to the treadmill. 20-30 minutes of cardio, 2-3 times a week. But nothing was changing. The weight wasn’t falling off. I started going 4 times a week! Still no change. Finally I started going 6 times a week! And still, no change.

It’s so funny as I look back – to see my relationship with the gym. It’s like no matter how many times it failed to be flexible to adapt to my life changes, no matter how much lack of support it provided to help me through a pregnancy or a postpartum body, I keep coming back to it.

The end of this story is what you might expect. I finally broke up with the gym. I tried, for years, to make it work. I wasted hundreds of dollars and finally I realized – I can’t.

That’s when I started doing home workouts with virtual coaching and support about three years ago. I lost ALL the baby weight and more – I was taught how to eat to fuel my body through breastfeeding and my fourth pregnancy. I was trained by top trainers on how to use free weights with proper form and got to experience the fun of dancing fitness without the embarrassment that kept me from trying them before. I have no commute and can workout in dirty workout clothes if I’m a little behind on laundry. I have been working out 4-7 times a week CONSISTENTLY (even through my pregnancy and post-baby months) for three years STRAIGHT. Something I NEVER could seem to do with the gyms.

Tomorrow is a BIG day because tomorrow, these at-home workout programs I have used (and I’ve use several, because variety is the spice of life, and making workouts fun keeps me going!) ALL of them, are being unlocked and available for an incredible introductory price (through February 2017). I’m thrilled to see this happen – all access – for a full year – with online support (by yours truly) – plus nutrition plans!

Many of these workout programs I purchased individually for $80 – $40 EACH! (and to be honest, they were completely worth it at that price point – but now, to have access to ALL of it for one annual fee – is so brilliant!).

If you have been discouraged over trying and failing over and over again with the gym, it might be time to make the break, and find true love with at home workouts – and see the results you’ve been missing!

Message me for more information on the special introductory pricing, free coaching and other bonuses I am offering through February.

Me: after my three back to back to back pregnancies and my transformation with at-home workouts

Me: after my three back to back to back pregnancies and my transformation with at-home workouts

Working out from home consistently through pregnancy #4 made the bounce back so much easier!

Working out from home consistently through pregnancy #4 made the bounce back so much easier!


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