My Capsule Wardrobe


You guys – I am sorry. I have been working on this capsule wardrobe and this blog post for WEEKS.

Apparently with four kids, things like curating my wardrobe takes a little bit of a back seat. But I have been SUPER excited to share this with you and I have been LOVING how much simpler life is for me every single day!

So, first up, here is a little video I made explaining what a capsule wardrobe IS and why I decided to do it!

Ok – so once I cleared out all of my unwanted clothing. Everything that just didn’t fit right, had stains I couldn’t fix, or a little hole or rip, I cleared it ALL out!

Once I did that I laid out all my clothes on my bed – shirts with shirts, shorts img_1158with shorts, etc. Then I looked over my wardrobe and funny thing happened. I could see a pattern emerging. I could see a color pallet and style that was emerging, and the pieces that didn’t fit into that pattern were sticking out like a sore thumb. I pulled those pieces out and placed them into a bin. I filled two bins (embarrassing I know) because I also pulled out duplicates. I had several pairs of jeans, but in reality I only really LOVED and wore two of them, so the rest went in the bin. Once I had my “final selections” I looked at what I had. I noticed that I was pretty good in some departments, and lacking in others. I realized that the pieces I was missing were some of the basics.

A good white t-shirt, a black pair of pants, black pumps, etc. It wasn’t a lot of items I needed, but a few KEY items that I was missing and it was keeping me from easily creating looks and outfits with the rest of my pieces.

Once I had my list (there were maybe five items on there) I started shopping. I started looking for the basics. I went into new stores I’ve never been in before, I tried on different cuts and styles and in just a few trips I found the basics I needed.

But could it really work? Could a wardrobe of 30 pieces actually be versatile enough to cary me through life? Is this going to get boring for me?

So I decided to put together a few outfits, and photograph them – I literally came up with endless combinations. Because I stuck to a color pallet (this is a really big deal guys!!! Neutrals + 2 colors, mine are burgundy and navy), because I had the staples I needed, because I got clear on my style profile, I was able to curate a wardrobe that fits me, is comfortable and makes it so easy for me to get dressed in the morning.


So, without further ado – here are just a FEW of the looks I was able to put together with the 30 pieces in my wardrobe. I am absolutely in love with this and the whole process!

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