My 3 Day Refresh Experience (while breastfeeding)

Let me start this off by saying, Beachbody does NOT recommend for nursing women to do the 3 Day Refresh as it is designed. Also, I am not a doctor and you should consult with one if you are concerned about doing this program.


However, I had SUCH an amazing experience doing the 3 Day Refresh while breastfeeding and have gotten several questions about it so I thought I’d share!

First, my reasons for doing it.

My last few weeks of being pregnant, I was just SO big and tired and grumpy and let’s be honest I wasn’t prepping meals and eating health like I usually do! Then I had my sweet Maya and three weeks later we were off to Nashville, where I wasn’t too strict either. Every month since then I have traveled at least once, and traveling with an infant and small children is CHALLENGING – so many, many things to think through and consider and while it IS possible to eat clean while traveling, it takes planning and effort and all my planning and effort got sucked up by the kids and I did not do well!

So then the holidays hit and I was like – I NEED to do SOMETHING to get my cravings under control. They have had free reign for FAR too long and my milk supply is strong and established and I think it’s time for a 3 Day Refresh.

What I love about this program is how it kills my cravings. How it resets my brain and helps me feel in CONTROL of my eating again. It’s such a great kickstart to jumping into healthy habits.

I was EXTREMELY nervous however, that it would affect my milk supply. Basically I would be eating high protein shakes, Shakeology and fruits and veggies and some healthy fats ONLY for three days. No meat, no dairy, no sugar, no grains.

When I started day one I was prepared to stop if I noticed any drastic changes to my supply but with the modifications I implemented I had a great supply all throughout and was able to drop some inches and regain control of my cravings like I had wanted!!

Here’s what I did.

I started my day with 24 oz of water (the program recommends 8oz)
I added an extra fruit for breakfast. 1 banana in my Shake and a grapefruit on the side.
I drank Mother’s Milk Tea for my mid-morning tea break (along with tons of water throughout the day – about 100oz total)
I did not limit my portions but I did stick with the recommended foods. So instead of having only a certain amount of asparagus for lunch I ate as much asparagus as I wanted.
I also would snack on almonds throughout the day if I felt weak or too hungry.
I did NOT workout – I am not sleeping through the night still so I felt like I needed as much energy as I could get!

Here are my results from the program (before is on the left and after is on the right):


I don’t have a scale so I have no idea how many pounds I lost but I definitely lost some love handles and lower belly pouch (mom of four here! but I am determined to shrink that baby!). But even more than that – I felt so clear headed and energized and powerful.

If you are interested in trying this program and would like some support through it (and an awesome discount) feel free to drop me a message. I read each and every one and would love to walk you through it! I am planning to do another round right after Christmas because – you know, I’ll probably be enjoying myself then too 🙂

It’s all about balance, living YOUR life and knowing what tools can help you get back on track and living the life you want to live!


  1. Hi I came across your article of the 3 day refresh. I know it was written almost two years ago but was wondering if you still have the discount and if you could walk me through it. I am 6 weeks pp and want to make sure my milk supply does not decrease.

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