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Growing up I was a TOTAL bookworm. Like, Vanessa, put that book down your friends are here and you need to play with them – bookworm.

And I’m not even sure when it all started to change, probably somewhere around college, when my reading began to be “required” and took hours and the fun started to get squeezed out.

When I first stared coaching, one of the requirements was reading 10 minutes of a personal development book. I had almost forgotten what it was like to read regularly – I had pretty much stopped all together since having kids. I was pleasantly surprised to find it completely revolutionized my life!

I’ve been asked many times what books I’m reading and what books I recommend. I posted a book list a little while ago (you can find it here) but since then I have enjoyed a few other titles, so here’s what’s on my reading list these days.


You should be reading Daring Greatly if you….

Struggle with your imperfections. Are always trying to please everyone in everything. If you live in fear and want to be free to love more. This book brought me to tears on more than one occasion – I love it dearly like an old friend (and Brené Brown is hilarious).

You should be reading The 10x Rule if you….

Are ready to get a swift KICK in the pants. Want to hustle your tail off in 2017. Have big plans and want to just sky rocket to the top. Aren’t afraid of a little tough love.

You should be reading Wild and Free if you….

Struggle with feeling like you are too much and not enough all at the same time. Need a breath of fresh air into your faith and relationship with God. You are looking for greater FREEDOM in your life. Want to be challenged to run harder after God.

You should be reading Harry Potter and The Cursed Child if you…..

Loved Harry Potter and want a fun little read. But don’t expect for it to be anywhere NEAR the originals – low expectations will make this a great little book for a vacation or long weekend.

You should be reading The 5 Levels of Leadership if you….

Are in any type of leadership position or want to grow in this skill. Want to learn what it means to be a leader who serves people, who builds relationship and who can produce other leaders.


Each of these books were LIFE TRANSFORMATIVE in their own way (ok, maybe not Harry Potter) and I hope you get a chance to experience them all at some point in your life.

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