Homemade Facial Toner

Back when I was pregnant, I was having the worst time with my skin. It was probably a combination of my exhaustion and constantly forgetting to wash it and pregnancy hormones. Either way I had to find a solution and I wanted it to be as natural as possible.


After doing some research, I came up with this recipe and I absolutely love it!

Toners are gentle ways to remove dead skin cells and dirt and oils. It’s something you use after washing your face. This toner is one I spray on my face and then wipe off with a cotton ball.  It also balances the ph of the skin.

I put this toner in a 2oz glass amber spray bottle I bought on amazon (this is not an affiliate link or anything) and I filled it 1/2 way with Lavender Witch Hazel I found at Nutrition S’mart and 1/2 way with Rose Water (also from Nutrition S’mart). Then I added 1 drop of Melaluca, to help with killing bacteria that causes breakouts, 1 drop Vetiver, for healing scars and normalizing acne, and 1 drop of Carrot Seed oil which is amazing for your skin, helps it rejuvenate and refresh itself.

I shake it up and spray it on, it smells delicious because of the rosewater and lavender scented witch hazel, and my skin has never looked better!

Have you ever tried a DIY face care product? I think I’m going to venture into facial moisturizer next!

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