Re-Cap From the Leadership Retreat

Last weekend I had the awesome privilege to attend a Leadership Retreat thrown by my mentor Becka and co-led by another amazing coach, who I have long looked up to, Katie.


It was a reward trip for all of the top leaders on both teams and a much needed break and time of envisioning for me. You see, I just had a baby, a little less than three months ago. She is my fourth and having her, plus my husband going back to work, plus starting year two of homeschooling has kicked my butt!!

Old systems and schedules I once had are not working now that I’m adding in all the time it takes to feed, burp, change, play with and then try (usually unsuccessfully) to put her down for a nap in her own crib. (Thank GOD for baby wearing!) I am struggling to get into my stride.

I knew it wouldn’t be easy getting back into the swing of things, but I was starting to feel like it might even be impossible!

When we arrived at the mansion (because, that’s what it was) I was totally blown away. Not so much by the grandness of the place but by the small and specific details that were in each and every part of the retreat.



Everything from the paper invitations we got in the mail, to the personalized tags hanging from each door, gifts and t-shirts and napkins and asking us about our diet preferences before we arrived. It impressed me SO much because it showed care. If there’s anything I went home with it was to take the time to go the extra mile to personalize your care for others by being mindful of the smallest details.

We started the retreat with a pool party and dinner, then we received some amazingly thoughtful gifts. After all of that we did some fun ice-breakers and team building before we sat down and each of us shared why we were in this business in the first place.





Beachbody coaching is so unique because unlike most other sales companies – we are about so much more than just pushing a product. When your health and fitness get improved, your whole life changes. Each of us have had to confront our body image demons, or issues of self-control or self-doubt. We have all had massive LIFE transformations and when we get together and share why we are coaches, the reasons are all different, but the emotion was thick!


The next day we enjoyed some yoga together and then got ready for a brainstorming session. Each of us breaking up into groups with a different topic and issue pertaining to our business and trying to come up with creative ideas to share with the group. At the end we all had TONS of great new ways to help more people and grow our business.  It was pretty magical to be in that room full of kind-hearted, ambitious women who were all working hard so that we could SHARE our ideas! We are all Beachbody coaches, we all want to do the same thing and yet, there was not one ounce of competition. If I’ve learned anything, it’s that there is enough success for all of us and that atmosphere is so rare, but powerful.



Throughout the day I would have little conversations with different coaches. We would break off to brainstorm and come up with fun games to motivate our teams, or cute themes to make our fitness groups more fun.

I love getting to let my creativity run wild – and be challenged by othe coaches to continually grow my business to the next level.

That evening we did a little photo shoot, which is always fun! We were supposed to end the night with popcorn and a movie but we couldn’t stop chatting and laughing and taking more photos – so the movie never happened.


If I could sum up my takeaways from the retreat it would be this:

  • Never underestimate the power of showing appreciation to others.
  • There’s always another level to grow into.
  • I am in the right place and lucky to be surrounded by women who empower me.

I am already planning my own retreat for my leaders and can’t wait to pass on this legacy of love, appreciation and epic parties and gifts!


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