It’s the Start that Stops Most People

It’s a strange thing, to be re-starting my “fitness journey”. Not that I ever really stopped. I worked out my entire pregnancy, ate mostly clean (those pregnancy cravings tho) and felt good! But still…my body is wider, flabbier and heavier. I’m not saying this in an “I hate my body” type of way! On the contrary, I feel comfortable, confident and happy with my body and what it has done and even how it looks (to some extent). I’m just saying it because it’s true.

It's the Startthat StopsMost People
Two and a half years ago, after having my third child I was completely lost, exhausted and needing to work on my health – almost to the point of desperation. It was hard, those first few weeks. Learning self-control. Learning to push myself in my workouts. Learning to love my body and believe in my strength. It was all new and difficult, but exciting.

It’s so strange to be back where I was physically, but even stranger to be in a similar spot emotionally. It’s still hard to have self-control, even though I know I can. I still have to dig deep and push myself in my workouts. I still feel crazy sore and want to make excuses for why I can skip.

I don’t know why, but I thought I would just bounce back. Both physically and emotionally. I thought I would instantly be back where I was after just a few weeks of working out and eating clean.


It’s a strange thing to be re-starting my fitness journey, but I’m thankful. It’s making me a better coach. It’s making me remember how hard it is to START.

I’m only two weeks into my fitness journey 2.0 and I’m already tempted to be impatient. To doubt that I’ll ever get back. 14 days of working out and I want abs damn it! I am a true, instant gratification american.

The reason the start is so hard is because it’s hard to make changes. Every meal is a fight against what I want to eat vs. what I know I should eat. Every workout is a fight against my own laziness. It’s not automatic yet (It will be soon! but not yet). I feel like I’m working SO hard, and yet, I don’t look very much different from day 1.

This is the moment, after two weeks of consistency, that most people give up. “This isn’t working!” It’s hard and it’s not working.

I get it! I totally get it!! It would be so much easier to simply throw in the towel, just buy new, baggier clothes, say “I’m a mom, I’m supposed to look this way.” and go back to what I’m comfortable with.

But would it?
Would it truly be easier?

Let me answer that for you – NO.
NO, feeling exhausted ALL the time is not easier than working out for 30 minutes.
NO, feeling uncomfortable in all my clothes, at every fancy event, at the beach and pool, with my husband is not easier than fueling my body with clean foods (that are actually delicious when you get creative and have fun with it!).
NO, living with myself and knowing that I am settling is not easier than pushing myself to be the disciplined, vibrant woman I know I was meant to be.

All it takes, is patience. A long-term vision beyond the first 14 days. So, because I can see the impatient monster raring it’s head in my thoughts – I created this 60 day workout tracker. It’s something I’m going to print and put on my refrigerator and track my workouts. Any not allow myself to get discouraged until I finish the full 60 days. Give my all – for 60 days!

I want to focus on the habits – no the results.

If you are feeling discouraged over your health. If you’ve been at it for a few days or weeks and feel like “it’s not working!!” why not join me? Why not commit to 60 days of working out?

Here are my rules:
1) Print out the tracker.
2) Put a check mark when you complete a workout.
3) Do not go more than 2 days between workouts.
4) Rate your nutrition from 1-10 each day you workout.

It’s the start that stops most people, but not me.

>> Download your printable tracker here: Habits = Results and follow my journey on Facebook <<

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