Baby Girl Nursery Reveal

It’s been so fun to get to put this nursery together. I wanted something light and girly and simple and I just love the way it turned out! Here are some of the details for this nursery and how we set it up.


Photo credit Bianca Valentim photography


Photo credit Bianca Valentim photography

The wall color is Dolphin Fin from Behr and we got a semi-gloss to make things easier on the cleaning. It’s a really rich gray with blue undertones and I love how well it contrasts with the white baseboards and furniture.

The crib is a classic Jenny Lind style, you can find it anywhere. The first one we had, we painted blue for my son and it looks wonderful in different colors. We got white for my second baby and have kept it for all the rest. I love it’s simplicity and versatility, it really is fun in different colors – I noticed Target has them already painted in some fun hues!


The “dresser” is really just a hutch that we got at a garage sale YEARS ago and I have used it for many purposes, but decided it would be a great fit in the nursery. I got these gray cloth bins at Bed Bath and Beyond from the Real Simple organization collection and the triangle bins are from hobby lobby.


I had this system for my older kid’s clothes at one point, but when your kids are pulling their own clothes in and out of bins, it’s a MESS! I only recommend this system for babies, when you are the one in control of replacing and removing clothes.


One of my favorite things to do in each room is create “moments”. Little spots that I can fill with the emotion I have for the room and the person who will be in it! This is one of my special moments, I have filled it with LOVE. Sweet baby shoes, bright flowers, a picture of my first little girl and a frame to fill for this next princess.


This moment is more about joy – the excitement and life that I am anticipating. This nightstand was a dark brown relic from a thrift store. It was something we bought years ago but with a little while and pink paint I was able to transform into an adorable little focal point for the room. I also loved putting this “chandelier” together. It’s a hoop that you would use for cross stitch – you can find them at any craft store, and I simply cut strips of fabric that went with the pink/turquoise theme of the room and hung them at alternating lengths. So simple but really sweet to fill an empty space.


For bedding I went really simple! In fact, the crib skirt is just fabric – white eyelet, which is a favorite of mine, and I simply draped it below the mattress so it covered the bottom of the crib. The sheets are basic, from Target and I LOVE this pink chenille blanket, so soft and the perfect shade of powder pink.


To decorate the wall I did a really fun and simple project, I went to a local thrift store and dug through bins and bins of antique handkerchiefs. They must have been $0.25 each. I found a variety I liked and brought them home and started putting different combinations together. (I still have some left over I never used in the banner, but I’m still not sure what to do with them!) After folding the handkerchiefs in half I put a tiny dot of hot glue from a glue gun at the corners and that has kept them perfect.
The white frame is from IKEA and I spray painted it (it is originally black) to fit the room.


I was on the fence about getting a changing table. Being that this is my fourth I knew that most diaper changes happen wherever and whenever! But there is one time when it is SO nice to have a “changing station” and that is the dreaded middle of the night diaper change. It’s an absolute LIFE-SAVER to have a place where you can be half a sleep and quickly change a wet diaper and know that everything you need – change of clothes, diapers, wipes, rash cream – everything is all in one spot. So I found this table at Hobby Lobby and thought it would be perfect! The top of it was originally black chalkboard paint, but I painted it white and it transformed into exactly the piece I needed.


This room is big enough for a queen sized bed as well, and we really liked the idea of having an extra bed for guests. It’s not a true guest room, but in a pinch we can bring the baby in our room for a couple of nights and have guests stay with us. I had to sacrifice a glider in order to fit the bed, but I felt like the trade off was worth it! (Also, let’s just be honest, I may find myself sleeping in this room as well!) I do highly recommend a glider for feeding and snuggling – especially for your first, but I know that for me, with three other kids, the chances of me nursing or soothing this fourth baby in a quiet room sitting on a glider are slim to none!

Photo credit Bianca Valentim Photography

Photo credit Bianca Valentim Photography

Our window dressings are quite simple, a sheer lace curtain over the large window – I believe I got from Target and I just love the scalloped edges! For the small window I’m actually not finished, it’s just a piece of fabric I found at our local fabric shop and I’ve pinned it up, but I will make a proper simple valance with it soon!

I hope you have enjoyed our little nursery tour. Although this is baby number four for me it is really the first time I’ve been able to set up a proper nursery and I’ve loved every minute!


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