How Do I Want to FEEL?

I want to feel....
I’ve recently started an exercise at the beginning of each day and it’s been pretty transformative to me so I thought I’d share it!

For a while now I’ve been feeling a little (ok a lot) overwhelmed with my to-do list. Every morning waking up and thinking: “Ok, what do I need to DO today?” Stress started settling into my body and before I knew it I was already frazzled and my day hadn’t even gotten started yet!

Then, after watching a time management video from Tony Robbins, I realized that having THINGS TO DO was draining, but when I accessed the EMOTION behind what I needed to do and thought about WHY I needed to do them, and HOW I wanted to feel in my life I felt power and energy to get things done because I was focused on the EMOTION behind my tasks.

I created a list of all the different things I want to feel in a given week (or day). Here’s what I came up with:

  • Peaceful
  • Productive
  • Loved
  • Beautiful
  • Energized

Once I focused on one of these EMOTIONS it affected how I went about my day.
For example, I wake up and I decide that today I want to feel ENERGIZED! I will drink Energize (ha!) and for my personal development that morning I will choose a youtube video by someone really motivational that will just PUMP me UP for the day!! Then I’ll pick a workout that really get’s me going – something with a lot of cardio! After my shower I’ll put on or diffuse some essential oils that energize me, like citrus and listen to a really up-beat playlist on Spotify. Finally I’ll fill myself up with protein and healthy fats for breakfast.

If I wake up one morning and just want to feel peaceful, my routine will look very different. I’ll read something more uplifting and encouraging to my soul for personal development, I’ll do a yoga or lower impact workout. Listen to music that soothes and relaxes. Diffuse some calming oils like lavender and vetiver. Maybe eat something more comforting like oatmeal for breakfast.

As you can see, every day I read personal development, workout, use essential oils, listen to music and eat – but the specifics of what I choose for each of those categories can vary significantly based on how I want to feel that day!

This isn’t necessarily about letting my emotions guide me, it’s about taking control and DECIDING what emotion or focus I want to have for the day. I’m not listening to myself, I’m leading myself. So if I wake up and I’m just feeling drained, but I know I have a full, busy day with the kids – I NEED to feel Energized. If I wake up and I’m feeling stressed with my to-do list or an issue we are dealing with – I NEED to feel Peaceful. If I’m waking up and all I can think about is how ugly I am or how much of a failure I have been recently – I need to feel beautiful or productive or loved. I am taking whatever my natural negative drift is and saying “NOT TODAY! Today I am in control and I am using all of my tools: personal development, exercise, music, aromas and food, to be who I want to be and who I need to be today.”

I’m done letting life happen TO me.

I’ve created some suggestions and guides for you if you are curious what kinds of things I have designed for myself relating to each of my desired “moods”. Hopefully they can help you design your own roadmap to your ideal mood and focus your life to become the person you want to be!

Click on the image for a larger printable version.

Choose Your Mood Worksheet Peaceful

Choose Your Mood Worksheet Productive

Choose Your Mood Worksheet Loved

Choose Your Mood Worksheet Beautiful
Choose Your Mood Worksheet Energized

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