The REAL Life Momtrepreneur

I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs. Every single one of my uncles and aunts works for themselves and my parents are church planters which is super similar – same basic skills of having a vision, working hard to build it, leading people, gathering momentum, and being the one responsible for the success of the venture.

I thought I knew what it was to be one, and I have always had the vision for it, but when I started my own business as a Beachbody coach I realized I had a lot to learn.

This is the era of the entrepreneur – and it makes sense. With the amazing computing power that we all have in our phones and computers – everyday people can compete and win against big business and the life-style is just SO appealing.
Not having to go to an office or workplace?
Not having to clock in and out?
Not having a boss telling you what you can and can’t do?
Sign me up!!

Well, I’m here to tell you how it really is. Not in an effort to scare you off – I actually LOVE being an entrepreneur (or momtrepreneur as I like to call myself) and I think it’s something everyone should consider for many reasons (getting to do what you are passionate about, getting to set your own hours, having the freedom to make as much income as you want, etc.) – but I feel compelled to tell you how it really is so that IF you are considering this type of lifestyle, you are set up to SUCCEED!

I believe that in order to succeed you need a realistic view of what this lifestyle is like, count the cost, decide if it’s worth it, and then go ALL IN with the focus and gusto it takes to be successful.

You see, if all you see of the entrepreneurial life are beach days and fancy things it looks SO easy! And who doesn’t want easy? But here’s the danger, those who go in thinking it will be easy, give up when it’s NOT. I don’t want that for you!

So here we go, the cold hard truth of working from home:

What I thought: Entrepreneurs work IF they want and still make money.
What I know to be true: Entrepreneurs choose WHEN they want to work (often early in the morning or late at night) and if they slack off they don’t make money.

What I thought: Entrepreneurs know everything and that’s why they go into business for themselves.
What I know to be true: The best entrepreneurs are constant LEARNERS, always improving themselves and their skills and many times start off knowing very little.

What I thought: Entrepreneurs have complete freedom to work wherever they want.
What I know to be true: Entrepreneurs have complete freedom to work wherever they want, but even when it looks like they are enjoying a random Thursday at the beach, it’s only because they were answering messages and brainstorming new content the entire drive there.

What I thought: Success comes overnight to entrepreneurs who get that one amazing idea or get promoted by someone big on social media.
What I know to be true: Success takes YEARS of hard work and trying out hundreds of crap ideas before hitting the right one.

IMG_5571This picture is not pretty, and I was tempted to filter it and edit it, but this is the face of an entrepreneur. A mom of three who is 6 months pregnant, and was up for an hour in the middle of the night to comfort a 5 year old with a bad dream, still waking up at 5am to send emails, do some trainings and get her work out in so that at 7am she could have the FREEDOM to homeschool her kids and spend all day with them. Next time you see some put together “entrepreneur” on Instagram telling you how she can teach you the “easy way” of earning a full time income from home, think of this picture.

There is no EASY way. Life is hard for EVERYONE. I was talking to a friend who works in corporate america and she was telling me how tough her co-workers are on her and how she cries most days when she get’s home. Then I chatted with a stay at home mom friend of mine who is frustrated by the stress of being home with her two toddlers and barely sees her husband because he’s trying to make ends meet for them and she cries most days. And then, you have little old me, who worked so hard yesterday to balance everything and everyone was grumpy and unappreciative of everything I was doing and I cried at the end of the night.

Everybody cries, everyone has difficulties in their life – the beauty of being an entrepreneur is not that it will be an EASY life (it won’t – nothing is) but that YOU get to decide. YOU get the freedom to honor YOUR priorities. I’d rather wake at 5am and get to enjoy every single minute with my (unappreciative) kids (hahaha) than sleep in until 7am but have to go work outside the home for the next 8 hours and not see them again until 6pm.

That’s just me, but I’m grateful that I get to choose my hard.

If you believe that there is something more for you in life, an opportunity for you to do something you are passionate about that will allow you to honor your priorities and earn a full time income I guarantee you it will not come EASY – but I also can tell you that it is WORTH working for.

If my life is going to be hard, I want it to be hard because I’m working on building MY dream – not someone else’s. I want to work hard making a real difference in the world, not a bigger bottom line for some company. That’s why entrepreneurs work tons of crazy hours and then have tons of fun during the day and don’t have to miss events because of work and LOVE every minute of the HARD, because it’s doing what they LOVE and it’s building what they VALUE.

So, there you have it, the real truth behind the entrepreneurial life – if you are willing to work hard and learn there is NOTHING you can’t do or achieve and If you do take that leap into this self-employed life, I applaud you and we should totally go out for drinks at 2pm (because we CAN) and cry together – just kidding!!! (kind of)

If you are looking for an opportunity to earn income from home, in a do-able and life-giving way and would like information on what I do as a Beachbody coach and how I fit everything in with my three kids and homeschooling, I’d love to chat with you. It has changed my life and is by far the most enjoyable and freeing “hard” that I’ve ever had to do! Message me here or click Join the Shine Tribe at the top of this blog. You can do hard things pretty girl! Maybe all you need is some structure, mentorship and a cause you can get behind with passion and heart?

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