My Resolution: More Failure

Before starting my at home workout life almost two years ago (has it really been that long?!) I was a hit or miss gym go-er, spending most of my time on the elliptical or treadmill and never really seeing any changes or results in my body.

After talking with my husband about how hard his Hammer and Chisel workout was last night it hit me why I NEVER saw results or pushed myself prior to starting my Beachbody challenge  and getting a coach: Failure is required for change and I hate failure.IMG_3077

These workout programs from Beachbody are HARD – some of them are REALLY hard. You WILL fail the first time you try them. You won’t last the full minute, you won’t finish with the weights you started with, you may need to hit pause at some point – you will FAIL. For me, before I had the support of a coach and was working on my own personal development, that was a big problem. It was why I gave up on every “diet” I ever tried. I couldn’t deal with failure. If I’m going to fail – what’s the point? I’m not even going to try!

It messed with my head and kept me stuck on the treadmill doing something I knew I COULD do and keeping me from progress and growth.

You CAN’T grow without failure. So what’s really keeping you and me and all of us from the results we want is that we don’t have the courage to fail. Once you get that courage, once you decide that you are going to start a program that is too hard for you or a business that you’ve never tried before and swallow your pride and decide that no matter how many mistakes are made, you are going to fail your way through it – you will FIND the success you have been looking for.

It’s true with exercise and health and fitness and nutrition – it’s true with business and relationships and anything new that you want to accomplish. Once you find that courage – once you realize that failure is PART of success and not something to take personally or let knock you off your game – the WORLD will be unlocked to you.

But this courage to fail isn’t something you have to drum up only once – it’s something you have to face over and over again. Because the things you were once afraid to try become your comfort zone and you have the choice – stay there or get up the courage AGAIN to push to the next level where you will once again fail.

The good news is, every time it gets just a little bit easier. Every time you are faced with that next step, finding the courage to fail your way toward success gets a little easier because you remember what it was like last time. You remember how much you wanted to give up, how deeply you doubted yourself and how you kept going and found success. You hold on to that faith and you jump in to the mess and the confusion and the mistakes and you GROW.

If you make resolutions every year, I challenge you to resolve to fail more this year. In doing so, I think you will find that you will GROW more this year than ever before!

(For more on this subject I HIGHLY recommend the book Failing Forward by John C. Maxwell)

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