My Word for 2016

Last year I started the practice of choosing a word for the year. In 2015 I settled on “Calculated” I wanted to make  every moment, every decision and every action point toward my goals and push me toward the person I wanted to become.

This year, with the anticipation of a new baby and the explosive growth that my team and my business are poised to take I was excited about the growth to be had, but I felt like instead of the forceful “make it happen” attitude I had in 2015 I was being drawn toward the simpler “let it happen”.

I feel like in 2015 I have hustled and worked and pushed and grown like crazy! It’s been amazing to see what I am capable of – to see the lives changed and my team built and grown from virtually nothing to a thriving team of over 300 coaches.

In 2016 however I am feeling a shift. Yes, still working hard. Yes, still focused on goals. Yes, still bold in my actions, but a focus on nurturing the ROOTS of my business “tree” instead of exerting energy on the leaves, flowers and fruit of my business.


My word for 2016 is “ROOTED”  and it’s all about digging deep. Not just springing up quickly, with no foundation for sustainable growth, but truly taking time the build a foundation with integrity. To invest in the fundamentals and to strengthen my team and myself until we are an unshakable force. The height of the tree will only increase in proportion to the depth of the roots.

I see this applying to all areas of my life, not just my business, but with my children, with my marriage and with my own personal and spiritual health. I want to invest in the nourishing of our roots and let the growth happen as an organic outcome.

Less striving, more thriving.

I can’t wait to see what 2016 has in store, if it’s anything like 2015 it will be absolutely incredible with a few surprises thrown in – which is totally fine with me.

Do you take time each year to reflect, set goals or come up with a word? I’d love to hear from you and your plans and hopes for the new year – such an exciting time of new beginnings!

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