Developing a Pregnancy Style

photo credit @mardimasonstylist

photo credit @mardimasonstylist

I used to think it was vain and unnecessary to spend much time on the way I look. Admittedly there are many who take it too far into obsession, but as I’ve been on my fitness journey I have discovered just how powerful what you feel about yourself is. When I feel strong, energetic, put together and cute, I ACT differently. I approach problems differently. It makes a HUGE difference to my demeanor and everything I do.

In addition (and I’ve blogged on this before if you want to check it out click here) we have to get dressed EVERY SINGLE DAY. To have that activity be filled with frustration and stress is just not how I want to start out my day! I want to start out my day being able to quickly and easily throw an outfit together that makes me feel happy, comfortable and pretty.

With my previous pregnancies I didn’t invest well in maternity wear. I mostly borrowed stuff that I didn’t really like or fit well, or I got a few cheap tees and maybe one dress. The result was me being SO miserable not only because I was getting big, had heartburn and was always overheating (being pregnant in a Miami summer is no joke!) but because I just hated the way I looked. It affected me SO much. I remember crying and crying (thanks pregnancy hormones) every time I had to get dressed for some event, or just to go out to on a date with my husband.

This time around I am excited to invest in my pregnancy wardrobe. No I will not be spending crazy money (it is only a few months of my life and I DO think this will be our last) but I am going to get some key pieces and thoughtfully style myself through these next few crazy months.

I’ve compiled some amazing resources on my Pinterest Pregnancy Style board including an fantastic Maternity Style Series from Joy Cho and some incredible articles with practical advice, inspiration and sources for finding great maternity staples.

Click here for my Pregnancy Style Pinterest Board.

Here are the top ten staples on my list:

1) Bootcut jeans

2) Skinny jeans

3) Black pants

4) Leggings

5) Body-con jersey dress

6) White tunic

7) Maxi dress

8) Chambray shirt

9) Basic Tees: White, Black, Gray, Navy

10) Poncho/Jacket

Any advice from other mamas? What were your favorite staples during your pregnancy?

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