Soufflé Mushroom Omelet

mushroom omeletI am a HUGE lover of cooking shows. America’s Test Kitchen is one of my very favorites. When they go into the science of food and why certain techniques work to give more flavor or texture to foods I am in my own little foodie heaven (I know – total nerd alert). Usually I tuck all of these tricks and tips away for later when I have the luxury to spend more time preparing food, but there was one little “trick” that I decided to give a try and it’s SO great I just have to share.

Because I eat eggs almost every single morning, this was really exciting to me to give me a little change of pace and texture. So, here’s how it works – this is a technique that makes the fluffiest, lightest omelet you could imagine and it is as simple as separating the egg whites from the yolks and whipping the whites until they are light and frothy.

Let’s get into the recipe.

First, the filling.
Because these eggs are so light I do not recommend something heavy, like ham or bacon. I decided to go with mushrooms because they still have a meaty flavor. I sliced up 5-6 mushrooms and sautéed them into 1 tsp of olive oil until tender. Then I added 1 tsp of soy sauce and cooked another 2 minutes or so and then removed from the heat.

While the mushrooms are cooking, separate three eggs and put the whites into a miegg whitesxer. Mix the whites until white and frothy, then gently fold in the yolks (which you can scramble up with a fork separately). Pour this egg mixture
onto a non-stick (I recommend using a generous amount of spray) pan that is at med heat. Cover the skillet with a lid so the top can cook as well as the bottom, and cook for 3 minutes. Remove the lid and add in the mushrooms along with some mozzarella cheese. Turn off the heat, cover once more and cook for about a minute. Gently remove from the pan and fold the omelet. (Even if it’s not perfectly pretty, like mine, I promise you will LOVE this light and fluffy breakfast!).

I know it’s extra work, but if you have some time on the weekend or just want a change of pace to your every day egg breakfast – this really was way too delicious not to share!

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