Excuses, Excuses

You know what’s funny about life? It’s never as easy as we expect it to be.
There’ ALWAYS a challenge in front of me, always something “getting in the way” of my health and fitness and personal goals. Somehow I’m always surprised! As if I’m expecting life to just be flowers and roses – little to no resistance. I’m almost offended that life would DARE to be…difficult!

Maybe I’m the only one, but I’m SO often tempted to get upset at the curve balls and challenges in my life. I like to do something called: “feeling sorry for myself”. I know you probably NEVER do this, but I do. Just recently I’ve had THE most debilitating nausea I’ve EVER experienced in my life. I cannot get out of bed, I cannot function, I IMG_1946cannot think straight – it’s been unexpected (none of my previous pregnancies were this extreme) and I have let myself get upset about it. I’ve been feeling sorry for myself and letting my workouts and nutrition slide.

It wasn’t until the other night that I realized what was happening. I listened to a webinar with Autumn Calabrese and she looked straight in the camera and said, “You know, difficult things happen in all of our lives, and then we have the choice to either give in to the excuses or decided to be stronger and keep going.” It was like she was speaking STRAIGHT to me.

I may not be able to control the nausea that hits my body. I may not be able to control the demands that my three wonderful children make on me, but I CAN control MY attitude. I can control MY actions. I don’t have to feel sorry for myself. I don’t have to throw in the towel on my fitness and nutrition. I don’t have to wallow about.

You may have a MILLION reasons why it’s “too hard” to live healthy. You may have a million reasons why your challenges are keeping you from making good choices. I hate to be the one to call you out, but I PROMISE you, once you let go of those excuses and decide to do it anyway you will feel SO MUCH better!

Positivity, determination and taking responsibility for YOUR life are decisions we ALL can make – I am choosing today (and every day) to stop feeling sorry for myself and start feeling GREAT! May not look perfect every day, but I’ll take imperfection over inaction ANY day of the week.

Happy Monday!

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