Training for My Marathon

If you don’t follow me on Facebook or Instagram you may have missed my announcement but we are expecting baby #4 in July! It was a total surprise but we are absolutely thrilled – especially the kids, which is really fun! When I had baby #3 my other two were just 3yrs and 2yrs old so they were just a little too young to appreciate what was going on, but now that they are all a little older (five, four and two) they are crazy excited to have another brother or sister.

With my previous pregnancies I ate *moderately* healthy, but when I craved something I ATE it! No real restraint or self-control, and NO exercising beyond taking a walk around the block.

I gained 35lbs with baby #1, 45lbs with baby #2 and 50lbs with baby #3!!

It was such a strain on my body – especially baby #3. I had severe sciatica to the point where I HAD to get several very expensive and frequent chiropractor adjustments near the end of my pregnancy just to keep from being in unbearable pain. All three of my births were natural and unmedicated and after each birth I SWORE I would never do this again and my midwife just laughed and said: “You’ll be back.”

This pregnancy will be different. From everything I have learned this past year and a half about food being fuel for our bodies and how strong I REALLY am, I am approaching this with a whole new view point and strategy. I am taking the next nine months to prepare for a marathon.

And by marathon I mean birth.

(Side note* You will NEVER EVER ever ever ever ever hear me announce that I am planning to run 26.2 miles – EVER – will not happen.)

I feel like I have a pretty good memory of what giving birth unmedicated is like and it is a freaking marathon. Your legs have to be strong, your back has to be strong, your heart has to be strong, your MIND has to endure pain that you didn’t even imagine could exist. It is a no-joke series of hours in a woman’s life – and I would be an utter FOOL not to prepare my body for it. So that’s what I’m doing.

My Plan for a Fit PregnancyI want to be strong this pregnancy, I don’t want to suffer from sciatica, I don’t want to feel like I’m lacking energy and I know that by working out and eating foods that boost my energy instead of whatever I FEEL like eating at the moment is what will do that.

Here is my plan:
– Workout 4-5x a week: I plan to do a mixture of Autumn Calabrese’s maternity workouts on Beachbody on Demand along with some Turbo Fire Cardio workouts and 21 Day Fix weight lifting workouts. I will be safe (promise) but doing nothing with my fitness is more unsafe that working out – in my book – and simply not an option for me this time around.

– Meal plan: I plan to sick to the maintenance portion of 21 Day Fix meal plan (which is the portion that helps you fuel your body well without the calorie depletion that someone losing weight would account for) while still listening to my body if I need to make adjustments. I will fuel my body with tons of protein and veggies – which is what the meal plan prescribes – and eat a portioned amount of healthy carbs each day.

– Drink Shakeology daily. Yes, Shakeology is safe for pregnant women. Obviously you should check with your doctor especially if you have allergies to certain ingredients, but all Shakeology is is WHOLE, organic, non-gmo superfoods. Basically just the absolute BEST, most nutrient dense foods in the entire WORLD, in one convenient shake, and in my first trimester, when I would make dinner, take a smell of it and get sick and not be able to eat it – Shakeology has been a LIFESAVER!

So there you have it! My plan to train for my marathon of giving birth! I’m SUPER excited to share my pregnancy fitness journey with you all! If you have any friends who are also expecting, I’d be so honored for you to share my blog or Facebook page with them, I’m not a perfect example, but if I can inspire or motivate even just one woman to value her health through my journey, it would be such a joy!

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