Huge Business Milestone

It’s obvious to most that I LOVE what I do as a Beachbody Coach. I get a lot of interest in joining my team and it makes me so thrilled to get women started in their own business. Not only because of the life-giving nature of it (So funny how I was concerned it would be a burden to add to my plate, when in reality it has given me the energy and skill to do everything else in my life better and faster! I feel LESS stressed having added coaching to my life than I did before!) but also because when I started coaching, I NEEDED it to work.

I had three small children ages 3, 2 and 4 months, and my husband was in grad school, things were TIGHT and doing our finances every week was something I absolutely DREADED!! We kept saying, “If only we had an extra $10,000 a year we would be in such a better place!” But that might as well have been 10 Million dollars! With no college degree and no family who could watch the kids full time there was no way I could get a job that would cover childcare AND still make us an additional $10,000! I was considering working at night but the thought of being a mom of three all day long and THEN work at night and never see my husband, when I was already struggling with energy and already feeling overwhelmed and somewhat depressed, it was not an ideal situation. My husband was considering taking on a second job, but with an hour and a half commute, we were already missing out on so much time with him and my heart hurt to think of even LESS time together. Money is valuable, but time is even more because you can’t earn more of it.

I had seen my coach doing her Beachbody thing, but really wasn’t interested in doing it until she shared her income one month. She shared how she had made $1400 that month. It was a number that hit me right in the chest because it was the exact number of our mortgage. The wheels in my head started turning. I started to wonder if I could do this. Work from home, work on Facebook, work from my phone – encouraging women (which I love doing anyway) and maybe, just maybe she could show me how to earn enough to pay for our mortgage each month.

I took the plunge and haven’t looked back since. Coaching is truly something I would do for free, but it also has been an unbelievable blessing for us financially! Now, a year and a half into this business and I have hit a HUGE milestone!! I just earned a total of $20,000 as a Beachbody coach. That extra $10,000 per year that we were dreaming about is now our reality.

I know it’s so taboo to speak of money but if it wasn’t for my coach being vulnerable and sharing her income I NEVER would have given Beachbody coaching a chance. I am brought to tears so many times when I’m able to get groceries without worrying about over drafting, when I pay our car payment – which was an unexpected expense when our old van died and we had no other choice. Our family would be sunk financially if not for Beachbody.

An income I have been able to earn from home! A business that lets me put my family first and that is only projected to grow! Here is a graphic showing the income growth from last year to this year…the crazy part is, that same explosive growth is what I am projected to have next year.


Building this business, being bold and taking our financial future into my OWN hands is the best decision I have ever made! If you are looking for a way to pay for Christmas gifts, a way to pay off debt, a way to just get AHEAD for once, THIS is the opportunity you are looking for. I’m telling you because I am nothing special but I have simply worked hard and loved others.

Our team has the best training in the company, we are a top ranked team for that very reason – you will not be alone. I am currently taking 10 women this month to train and mentor and help you achieve your financial goals as well. What would you do with an extra $10,000 per year? What kind of difference could that make for you? It’s possible, I’d love to show you how!

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Beachbody does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach’s income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. For more information see the Beachbody Statement of Independent Coach Earnings:

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