How to Be Your Own Coach

be your own coach

I’m not necessarily trying to write myself out of a job.
You need a coach. You do!
It’s so important having someone leading the way, providing accountability and suggesting help when times get tough!

In fact, even though I am a fitness coach I have my OWN coach as well! I know I need it and I’m not ashamed to admit sometimes I just need a good kick in the pants.

But a coach – even an incredible coach – cannot be there with you every moment of the day. Sometimes they can’t answer a text or a message right away and it’s in moments like those when it’s very handy to learn how to be your own coach. How to inspire yourself and how to remind yourself of your goals.

Here are my five tips for being your own coach.

#1) ALWAYS have a goal.

A coach helps people achieve goals…so you can see how problematic it might be if you don’t have one. The VERY first question I always ask my clients is “What are your specific fitness goals?”
When setting your goals you have to make them S.M.A.R.T.


Specific – “Get healthy” is not specific. “Workout five times a week” is better!
Measurable – “Lose weight” is not quantifiable or measurable. “Lose 5lbs” can be tracked and measured.
Attainable – Goals should push you, but they should also be realistic. I personally find when it comes to fitness, almost every goal is attainable, but the time table is often what is unrealistic. Many of my clients want to lose around 30lbs, which is attainable, but they want to do it in a month, which is not. Make sure your goals are attainable.
Realistic – Another way of putting this is worthwhile. Is this goal worthwhile, is it something that you should be spending your time doing. I may want to be fit, but entering a body building competition is not worth my while for where I am in my life.
Timely – You HAVE to give yourself a timeframe in which to achieve your goals. Deadlines are powerful and NECESSARY!

I like to set long term goals (1 year), mid range goals (3 months) and short term goals (this week). So if I want to have 15% body fat by next year then I know that my 3 month goal should be to do 21 Day Fix Extreme and Hammer and Chisel and if I want to complete those programs in the next three months then I know I should make my goal to workout 6 times this week. The long term goal dictates my mid-range and weekly goals.

#2) Understand WHY this goal is important to you

The example I gave at the end of the previous tip about having 15% body fat is actually a bad example. I had a goal similar to that when I started 21 Day Fix Extreme the first time and because the goal was SO cosmetic and not deeply rooted in something I actually cared about, when things got tough, I totally gave up!! Your WHY has to be strong. I find that when I have challengers who are motivated to bring their blood pressure down, or get off diabetes medicine their WHY is SO strong they are laser focused and it pushes them when the going gets tough.

#3) Track your activity

Ok, so you have your goals set – you know WHY they are important, now you have to track your activity so you can see if you are making progress or not. You can learn what works and what doesn’t. No one who is trying to change their life will do it perfectly the first time. Let me say that again. NO ONE who is trying to change their life will do it perfectly the first time. You need to track your progress so you know where you improve what to change.

Let me give you an example. When I first started working out I printed off a blank calendar and I put an X on every day that I did my workout. I did my workouts at night at that time, because my 4 month old was NOT sleeping through the night and mornings were a struggle. But as I tracked my progress I realized that between date night and a bible study night and the inevitable occurrence of falling asleep while putting the kids down, I was not working out 2-3 nights a week. I decided on those days when I knew we had a date or bible study to workout in the morning or during naps. Tracking my progress showed me what I was actually accomplishing and where I needed to adjust my strategy.

#4) Celebrate your achievements!

This is so-so-so important and SO overlooked!! I know I’m ALWAYS focusing on where I’m falling short and where I need to do better, but when you are making changes to your health it’s HARD and you need to be proud of what you are doing!! If you are having salads for lunch instead of burgers – celebrate that shit! If you are working out 4x a week – pat yourself on the back! Announce in on Facebook, give yourself a reward, go get a pedicure or something!! You may still have further to go, you may want to get up to five or six times a week, but four is pretty darn good!!! It means you fought yourself four times this week and WON! Celebrating your progress makes you feel positive about the experience and reminds you that you are capable of change. What was once not a reality – IS! And if those small changes can happen, then so can bigger ones.

#5) Surround yourself with positivity

Motivation never lasts, but neither does bathing, that’s why I recommend it daily. You have to fight to stay affirmationsmotivated, no one stays totally engaged without some work. My favorite ways are to visually have my WHY where I can see it – right next to my computer where I stream my workouts. I also like to fill my house with positivity, posting encouraging words by my refrigerator and mirror to remind me that I am stronger than my cravings and I am more than my body. I also like to watch amazing inspirational YouTube videos. Mateusz M is one of my favorite channels for that. I watch one right before my workout and I am PUMPED to do this!!

Your thoughts influence your physical body more than you know!!! Fight to keep your thoughts positive and you will stay connected to your why and you will do the actions required to your goals and you will achieve amazing things!!

These are my five tips for being your own coach, I hope you take them to heart and let them move you toward success. If you would like free coaching from me I would be absolutely honored to have you. Fill out this application and I will get back to you soon.

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