When the Results Aren’t What You’d Hope

When the Results Aren't What You'd Hope
They say the start is what stops most people.
I think that’s true – starting to get back on track with your health is difficult. Gathering up the courage, researching the best program, paying the money, getting ready – it’s very intimidating (although if you have a coach like me – less so *wink*) and that does tend to stop a lot of people.

However, I think there is another place where people get stuck in their health and fitness journey (I know I have) and that’s when the results aren’t what you hoped they’d be. Usually after the first three to four weeks. You’ve gotten over the initial hump – you STARTED! You are on a roll, you are starting to feel really good about yourself. More energy, getting stronger, things are falling into place and becoming routine – but then…you step on the scale. “Five pounds?! I’ve been at this busting my butt, eating clean every day for four weeks and all I’ve lost is five pounds?”

Or you try on that dress that didn’t fit so good before and it’s a little better, but no one will be mistaking you for J-Lo. Discouragement comes like a punch to the gut. All of a sudden all of those great things you’ve been experiencing (less stress, more discipline, more focused, sleeping better) go right out the window of your mind and all you can think of is how badly you wanted that slice of pizza and saying no was SO HARD and all that you’ve gotten from your four weeks of pain and suffering is 5 measly pounds less.

Trust me when I say – I TOTALLY get it! I’m writing this because this is me! I am THE most goal driven person and when you add to that my impatience – ya, it’s not a great combination, but before you throw in the towel and give up on health in general and swear off both salads and Shakeology, let’s think about this.

What is your number one goal for making these healthy changes in your life? I know – seeing the scale go down is A goal, but is it the MOST important goal? Deep down, what are you MOST interested in, a number on the scale going down, or improved quality of life – improved length of life – improved confidence – keeping yourself from preventable diseases. Yes, we all want to see that number go down and a sexy body emerge from the fluffy fat covering everything, but a hot body that is unhealthy isn’t going to do you any good.

When I turn my view from the outward to the inward and I realize what a gift I have given to myself these past few weeks of consistent exercise and eating well and being self-controlled it makes me feel proud instead of ashamed at my tiny weight loss number.
Progress is Progress

The next thing I do is go on YouTube and watch weight loss transformations. Because although the infomercials would have you believe that in 21 Days you can go from flab to fab, change takes TIME! The most inspirational video I remember watching was a mom who got in amazing shape but over THREE YEARS. It makes my impatient tantrum over my four week journey seem just silly.

The start may stop some, and slow progress stops others, but in the end it’s the persistent, the hopeful, the positive and the resilient that reap the amazing reward of a healthy life.
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