Healthy Snack Roundup

Healthy Snack RoundupWho doesn’t love a good snack? It’s not quite time for a meal yet, but you’re feeling a little hungry, or you are sitting down to a good movie or to get some work done and you just want something to munch – am I right?

But snacks are ALWAYS where I find myself falling off track with my nutrition. I over do it, I choose something unhealthy, I ruin my appetite for my next meal and I feel discouraged that an otherwise healthy day has now been ruined by the potato chip bag, or candy bar.

So, here are some of my all time favorite snacks, they take very little (if any) time to prepare and when I have the ready in my fridge or pantry I can snack to my hearts content, knowing that I am staying on track with my nutrition and fueling my body for everything I have going on in a day!


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