My Workout Plan for September

Did you know I make a plan for each month? Ya, my health is important to me so I actually plan it out! I want to challenge my body, I want to feel REALLY good every day because when I feel good it shows! I have more energy to give to my family, my friends, my business and setting goals has been scientifically proven to increase happiness!! We were made to strive toward something – to feel the thrill of making progress.

If making a plan for each month seems like too much work for you – have no fear! You can totally use mine! I have two options for you:

#1) Sign up for a free 30-day trial of Beachbody on Demand and you will get my Beachbody on Demand workout calendar. I have crafted this calendar to take you through all the variety of programs Beachbody has – everyone has their “soul-mate” workout and it takes some time to find it! The calendar also strategically takes you through a progression of cardio – weight training – stretching and recovery. This is important to see progress. Click here to sign up!

#2) If you already have 21 Day Fix Extreme (or are interested in trying it) you can join me in my workout plan – I’m combining it with Cize (for my cardio days) and PiYo (for my active recovery days). Don’t worry if you don’t have Cize or PiYo – you get access to a free sample workout of each in the Beachbody on Demand free trial!! Just repeat that one workout whenever Cize or PiYo shows up on the calendar.

So, here you have it, my plan for September!

September Workout Schedule

I’m also adding some of the Beachbody Performance Line products to my daily routine…I recently tried Energize, Hydrate and Recover and was BLOWN away at how much better I performed and how much better I felt the day after (no soreness!) doing 21 Day Fix Extreme Plyo Fix. I REALLY want to go hard in my workouts this month, and I’m excited to have the Performance Line to help me out!

The Performance Line includes:performance line

– Energize: an all natural pre-workout formula that uses Beta-Alanine to help your body produce more carnosine, as substance that buffers muscle acid build up. This acid buildup is what contributes to muscle fatigue. By producing more carnosine, your muscles last longer so you can push harder. Also, caffeine from green tea and Quercetin with increases the production of mitochondria the powerhouses of our cells.

– Hydrate: a very low sugar option for hydrating during a high-intensity workout, helps your body to rapidly absorb electrolytes – it’s like a cleaner Gatorade.

– Recover: a high protein post-workout drink that combines fast, intermediate and slow release protein to ensure a sustained supply of amino acids that helps your body to recover and build muscle. Recover also includes BCAAs which are unique among amino acids for helping to promote muscle synthesis. This drink also includes Pomegranate extract to help reduce exercise-induced muscle soreness and improve strength recovery.

– Recharge: this drink is taken 30 minutes before you sleep and contains micellar casein protein that will improve overnight muscle recovery. One of the main ingredients, Tart Cherry has been proven to reduce exercise-induced muscle soreness and improve endurance.

If you are a science geek (like me) and want to learn more about the performance line here is a fascinating webinar about the science behind it.

I’d love to hear from you! What is your plan for September!? I truly believe that we are all different, with different goals and needs – if you need any help coming up with the perfect plan for you – feel free to contact me!! Listening to your goals and customizing a plan that will work is one of my favorite things!!


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