5 Tips for Finding the Motivation to Workout

5 Tips for finding the motivation to workoutExercise is one of those things that I rarely WANT to do. The BIGGEST battle is from the time I think “I really should exercise” to the time my finger pushes play on that workout DVD (or head to the gym if that’s more your flavor).

So, here are my tips to getting yourself to the beginning of the workout – because once you START moving it’s fun, it’s engaging, it’s challenging, it’s easy to keep going, but it’s hard to start.

Tip #1 – Exercise is like brushing your teeth

You would be totally grossed out if someone told you they try to brush their teeth two to three times a week – right? I mean, don’t they know a HUGE dentist bill is right around the corner? Don’t they know how relatively short amount of time it takes to brush and maybe a little floss and mouthwash? We don’t debate with ourselves over whether or not we ‘feel’ like brushing our teeth today – we just do it because that’s what we do to take care of our body.

Exercise is the same way. Who cares if you lose weight or tone up or build muscle – you should exercise because it’s basic HYGIENE. Just like you shower regularly, you exercise regularly! Don’t you know a HUGE doctor’s bill is right around the corner if you don’t? Think of it as part of your hygiene regiment and you will be less likely to debate back and forth with yourself and talk yourself out of it – SURE there are nights I miss a shower or brushing my teeth when I’m EXHAUSTED but the next day I just pick it back up and do it. Same with exercise – get your mindset right and you won’t find yourself making so many excuses.

#2 – Sleep in your workout clothes

If you want to workout in the morning, sleep in your workout clothes. Just removing that one step from what I need to do in the morning makes a HUGE difference! Not sure why, but it does.

If you are going to workout later in the day (after work, etc.) lay your workout clothes out on the bed, or pack them in your bag and change into them as quickly as you can – it’s a BIG step towards pushing play and BONUS POINTS if you buy something new to wear – bit motivation there (at least for me!).

#3 – Get a good kick in the pants

Beachbody Performance Pre Workout EnergizeAnd by this I mean a good pre-workout drink. It’s like my insurance. If I get up early (because I’m not debating with myself any more) and I have on my workout clothes, I can STILL drag my feet and NOT push play. HOWEVER, if I shuffle sleepily to the kitchen and mix my pre-workout drink and chug it down, in ten minutes my eyes are wide, my body is moving and I pretty much have no choice – THIS. IS. HAPPENING.

I’ve been drinking E&E from Beachbody and I really do love it, but science has improved and so Beachbody just released a new pre-workout called ENERGIZE. I got to try a sample (skeptically I might add, because I LOVE me some E&E) and it was SO much better! Didn’t make me as tingly, I felt REALLY great my whole workout. I highly recommend it! (not for brestfeeding moms – sorry!)

#4 – Get accountability

I talk about this ALL the time but only because it WORKS. It made all the difference for me and it has made all the difference for so many of my clients – oh and science agrees as well! Get people in your life who can support you and check in with you if you haven’t done the work out. Get a partner who will text you or get an app that will send you notifications (although people are better because it’s really easy to blow off an app!). Reach out to me or another Beachbody coach you know and ask them to hold you accountable or get into one of their groups. Trust me when I tell you this will get you pushing play like no-body’s business!

#5 – Have a plan

There is nothing more frustrating to me than having to sit around and choose what workout I’m going to do. I can’t make decisions early in the morning and as funny as it sounds having to make a decision STRESSES me out and keeps me from working out! So get a plan! Make a calendar! Take the guess work out of it.

One of my FAVORITE things to use is Beachbody’s on Demand streaming workouts – if you want to try it for free for 30 Days, I’ve created a calendar (that I actually use myself) that rotates through the different programs (sometimes I get bored!) and rotates through the different types of workouts like cardio, upper, lower, core, stretching and rest. You can get the free access to Beachbody on Demand and my calendar by signing up for my e-newsletter here.

So, those are my best tips for getting STARTED, but if I may just add one more thing! Fueling your body well throughout the day is a BIG factor as well! When I am eating like crap, I feel like crap, not just during the day but in my workouts as well. I feel sluggish and gross. As the saying goes, you can’t out-exercise a bad diet so do your best to eat clean and it will help tremendously with your workouts as well! I have an instagram feed where I post healthy recipes that are 5 ingredients or less – you can find it in the sidebar of this blog – if you are looking for someplace to start you are welcome to follow along there!

I’d love to hear from you – how do you get the motivation to push play and start your workouts??

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