Joy: The Difference Maker

enjoy your healthy lifestyleWhen Beachbody first started off it became immensely popular for its EXTREME workouts. P90X and then Insanity were the two programs that just got incredible results and everyone talking. These programs were extremely effective, but didn’t appeal to EVERYONE (like me) because of their extreme nature.

Beachbody also got a reputation for hard core nutrition. Shakeology is hands down, no comparison THE most nutrient dense meal replacement shake on the market. The Ultimate Reset also gave Beachbody an extreme detox eating plan that got dramatic results.Cize

So what in the world is Beachbody doing with a new DANCE workout? Have they lost their edge? Do they not care about results? Nope.

Beachbody has realized one very important thing: people stick with things when they ENJOY them!

I must admit – for myself – I’ve had to adjust my mindset from thinking that workouts are super painful and awful and diets are restrictive and depressing to realizing that exercise can be FUN and eating healthy, DELICIOUS.

THAT’S what Beachbody is trying to do. Adding a little JOY a little flavor a little fun back into a healthy lifestyle. It’s not all burpees and tuck jumps and dry lettuce and bland chicken breasts.

When you change your mindset, when you are positive and ENJOY doing the right thing for your body – it can’t help but seep into the rest of your life and become a habit.

I’m EXCITED to switch from a mindset of “getting results” from my workouts and eating to a mindset of “living my best life”. I invite you to try it!

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