Staying Healthy + Travel

Staying Healthy + Traveling
I don’t travel much. Having three kids in three and a half years hasn’t left me with much time for it, but these past six months I have traveled quite a bit! I have made some mistakes, but I’d like to share with you my top five tips for honoring your health while on the road.

First let me just say that I DO give myself some lee-way when I’m traveling BUT I don’t throw ALL of my healthy habits out the window. It’s not that I don’t want to have fun, it’s just that a) I have worked TOO hard to throw it all away on a week of vacation! b) I feel SO MUCH better when I fuel my body right. I have more energy and my mind is more clear and focused. If I’m going to spend money, and travel and get childcare for the kids, I WANT to enjoy it!!

So, without further ado – my tips for staying on track when I travel.

1) Pack Healthy Snacks

If I am going to spend money (and calories) on food while I travel – I want it to be the GOOD stuff!! I’d rather pack celery sticks and peanut butter or hummus and crackers to snack on and SPLURGE on a nice dinner or fancy cocktail, then be wasting my money and calories on a random bag of chips. It doesn’t take long to grab an apple and throw it in my purse on my way to the airport and it keeps me satisfied until I’m ready to have a nice meal. Here’s a great blog post from the Inspired Simply Blog for ideas on where to get healthy snacks on the road:

2) Stay Hydrated

Seems like a no-brainer, but I am NOTORIOUS for forgetting to drink water until mid-way through the day and I have a headache and I’m starving. Staying hydrated helps me with my hunger, energy level and focus! I bring a refillable water bottle with me and I’m good to go!

3) Go to the Grocery Store

This isn’t always possible, but even if you are staying in a hotel that doesn’t have a kitchen, you can stock up on healthy snacks at the grocery story once you arrive at your destination. Stuff like fruit, carrot sticks, cheese sticks, almond milk (for my morning Shakeology!), nuts, and little yogurts can be kept in the mini fridge in your room and are easy to grab when you are feeling like you need a quick snack. It may seem inconvenient to take time out of your trip to go to the grocery store, but when you think about how many snacks or even meals (especially breakfast) that you will get out of it, and how much time you spend waiting in lines at Starbucks or Panera or other places it actually saves you time (and definitely money) in the long run!

4) Try AirBnB

Have you heard of AirBnB? It’s a site where you can rent homes for a very competitive rate. This is awesome because usually the homes are in cute neighborhoods, have extra bedrooms and A KITCHEN. I know, nobody likes to cook on their vacation or travels, but again – maybe it’s just me and my anti-restaurant self, but if you give me an option between going to a crowded restaurant and waiting and being seated and waiting and ordering and waiting and eating and PAYING and feeling gross afterwards to lounging in your PJ’s with a movie on the TV and throwing together something easy and quick and healthy and WAY less money – I think even if it’ just one or two meals – if you can swing an AirBnB and cook a few meals – you will have the freedom to eat out when you WANT to not because you HAVE to!

5) Get out and walk.

One of my favorite things to do in a new city is to walk. I feel like I can take in the surroundings, the sights the sounds and smells. Hear the people and explore shops and cafes. Walking is also a fun way to get some exercise. It might be TEMPTING on vacation to just lounge around and eat and lounge around and eat, but TRUST me!! you will feel so much better and have a much more enjoyable vacation/trip if you make the effort to get out and walk!

I hope these tips help you on your vacations and travels! I am by NO means an expert on travel – so if you have your own tips and ideas for keeping your health a priority while traveling please share in the comments!

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