On Building Courage…

Building Courage
In my business as a Fitness Coach and Business Mentor I have conversations ALL DAY with people and I love it! I find people fascinating and learning about others and getting to do my best at encouraging and empowering them is truly a JOY.

The only time it’s difficult is when I hear these words (and I hear them OFTEN):
“I just don’t know if I can do this.” and “I’m afraid of what others might think.”

It’s difficult because whether you are embarking on a new fitness program and journey or starting a business as a fitness coach you are doing something you’ve never done before. Ok, so yes, there’s always fear of the unknown, but I always tell people, you were drawn to this opportunity for a reason. There’s something inside of you that WANTS this. To shut that down, to push it away because you doubt yourself or you fear what others think is an outright TRAGEDY.

Whether you do a fitness program with me or become a coach on my team is not the issue, the issue is that you are letting YOURSELF stand in the way of your dreams, of a better life. Letting other’s opinions dictate what you say yes or no to is dangerous ground. It’s straight up bondage. If you choose that path, not only will it shut down your fitness progress and business progress – it will shut down your life.

One of my absolute favorite things to do as a coach is to tell women over and over again “You CAN do this, you ARE strong enough, you ARE smart enough….you just have to be BRAVE enough.” Bravery is vital to every endeavor because not only will you fail several times before you succeed, but success NEVER comes as quickly as you like and while you are waiting the doubting begins. While you are waiting to see your body change the doubting begins and while you are waiting to see your income as a coach rise, the doubting begins and you have to face that doubt with COURAGE.

How do you grow courage? By constantly going one step outside your comfort zone. I’m not saying take the hill in a single stride, but determine to take one step outside your comfort zone. Whatever it is that you are thinking about right now, that makes you feel uncomfortable, but you KNOW you have been wanting to do – do THAT thing and you will build courage. Then do it again, then do it again, then do it again. I'm Afriad

Build that courage because a life of fear, a life of doubt, a life where you say to someone who want’s DESPERATELY to help you do something you REALLY want to do, “I’m afraid I won’t be good at it and I’m afraid of what other’s might think of me.” is NOT a life. It’s waking up and doing stuff and going to sleep but it’s not a life.

Take that step outside your comfort zone and NEVER stop pushing it – doesn’t have to be big, just an inch will do – but do it! Fear has no place in your life or mine.

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