The Distraction of Freedom

Happy Fourth of July!The distraction of freedom

Boy am I thankful to live in this beautiful country.
I have been thinking a lot about freedom recently.
Freedom is important – SUPER important – and many people are fighting for it in the courts, fighting for it from our government, and although political freedom is ONE aspect of freedom – I believe it is distracting us from our true bondage.

Governments don’t give freedom. In fact, sometimes we can be so distracted by fighting for our freedom from the government that we fail to see how enslaved we really are. We are so blinded to our own bondage that we cheer and celebrate a supreme court ruling and call it freedom while still confined to the tiniest of cages.

What good is being free to marry whomever you want if you are in bondage to hatred towards those who disagree with you? What good is being free to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness if you are in bondage to depression and spend every night watching pornography? What good is being free to learn ANYTHING (thank you internet) and become GREAT if you are in bondage to your own fear and laziness and NEVER take advantage of the opportunities in front of your face?

Fear, hatred, lust, greed, gluttony, laziness, pride – they don’t call these the seven deadly sins for nothing. And here’s a news flash for you – they aren’t deadly to God (he’s got that whole immortality thing going on), they are deadly to YOU.

You give into fear – BONDAGE.
You give into laziness – BONDAGE.
You give into gluttony – BONDAGE.
You give into hatred – BONDAGE.

I think you get the picture.
“Who the Son sets free is free indeed” – that HAS to be true, even for those with oppressive governments, or the Bible lies. So, freedom can’t come from a government or supreme court ruling, but from God. So now that we are talking about THAT kind of freedom then I believe Americans are some of the least free people in the world.

A country of cattle, plodding along with the crowd. Drugged into compliance with sugar and fats, prosperity and large doses of entertainment. We drink the kool-aid every day and are told that the seven deadly sins are our RIGHTS! We get distracted by fighting our government for freedoms that mean NOTHING while still being in bondage to ourselves!!

FIGHT for freedom my friends, not in Washington, but in your own heart and mind. Fight against fear – be courageous. Do things that scare you! Fight against pride – go find someone you think you are better than and GET TO KNOW THEM. Break down those walls that have you enslaved. Fight against greed – no matter how much you have it will NEVER be enough, you will only sell your soul and the entirety of your life (your one and ONLY life) on THINGS that will rust, spoil, break and never really make you happy.

I hope this post doesn’t come off as harsh. I am in bondage just as much as the next person – only I feel like my eyes are finally open to it. I see so many FIGHTING with all their might to gain political freedom and I just want to hug them and say – “Wait! I can see why you are having trouble walking…you’ve got these massive chains around your legs. Maybe you should focus on those first.”

Happy Fourth of July everyone….

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