The TRUE Secret to Healthy Living

I WISH I could tell you it is easy to live a healthy lifestyle. I wish I could tell you it will require no additional time or effort on your part, but that just isn’t true. A healthy body and mind take work and intentionality, BUT don’t think that just because it is work to be healthy it isn’t also work to NOT be healthy. The truth is, there isn’t an easy option for ANYONE. Being unhealthy takes just as much (if not more) work, maybe not when you are hungry and grab a bag of chips instead of doing the work to make a salad with healthy protein, but it WILL be more work when you want to hang out with friends and you have no energy to enjoy the beach or a hike or just to walk around the mall. It WILL be more work when you are spending time at doctor’s offices or just exhausted each night and weekend. Let’s not kid ourselves – being unhealthy comes with a HUGE financial, emotional and physical COST.

So, this is your choice, do the work now to be healthy or endure the consequences of being unhealthy. What I want to help you with is to make the work as easy and simplified as possible. I want to break it down, give you a clear plan and encourage you all along the way.

21 Day Fix Meal Plan, Grocery List and Food Prep Check-List

So, here it is, the TRUE secret to healthy living: FOOD PREP.

Three steps:
1) Plan your meals
2) Buy the food you need
3) Take time to prepare it so it’s easy to grab and go

If you do those three steps – healthy living becomes TOTALLY attainable – no matter your budget or schedule. You see, if you are looking to grab a healthy option while you are out and about – something that is already prepared for you – it’s PRICY!! So, that perpetuates the myth that eating healthy is too expensive. The TRUTH is, if you buy whole foods at the grocery store and prepare them yourself – you will actually SAVE money.

In order to help you I am giving you three resources that will address each of the three steps.
1) A simple meal plan (the very one I am using this week actually)
2) A grocery list
3) A food prep check-list

All you need to do is print them out, go to the grocery store and do the work at home to get your food ready to eat. I know!! Who loves ya?!

As you will see, I tend to keep my meal plan simple – I have three small children and a very limited grocery budget, and although I LOVE food and creating new recipes, that’s NOT always ideal…so most of the time, I keep it simple! I eat a lot of chicken and turkey (I threw a little pork in there this week!), and my seasonings and vegetables are simple. I do this intentionally to also prove to you that simple can be delicious when it’s REAL WHOLE foods you are cooking with.

To get everything for this meal plan cost me about $80 (I already had a few things like the Quinoa, Brown Rice, and Cauliflower). I do not buy exclusively organic. I don’t want to get all into it, but organic doesn’t always mean what you think it means, and it’s basically a way the government can make more money, because farms PAY for that label. You can do whatever your conscience dictates, but I choose to just get whole foods, and lots of produce and the organic sticker doesn’t mean much to me. I mostly shop at Aldi and Trader Joe’s. Keeping my weekly grocery spending under $100 is very important to me and our budget so that’s what I strive for.

Also, my meal plan is based around the 21 Day Fix eating plan, so you will see that I have color coded it to show which containers I am using each day and how I am spreading them out throughout the day. If you are looking for more tips on the 21 Day Fix and how I meal plan and food prep or how you can get started with me as your coach, feel free to send me a message, I read and respond to every single email!!

Hope this helps as you are on your quest to a healthier life! Feel free to ask any questions you might have and please – DO SOMETHING with these resources…if you don’t like my meal plan – make your own!! Keep it simple, don’t get in your own way, buy good whole foods, and take some time to prepare them so when you are hungry, or rushing out the door you don’t sabotage all your hard work!!

Meal Plan
Grocery List
Food Prep Check-list

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