Dear Old Friend Who is Uncomfortable With My Fitness Coaching,

Fitness Coaching and Faith
Ever since I started as a fitness coach I have absolutely felt 100% that this is something I was MEANT to do. My soul and my spirit (and my body) knew this was right, but my mind was having trouble. You see I grew up a pastor’s kid. No, not THAT kind of pastor’s kid. Not the kind who hated the church but smiled on the outside. Not the kind who despised her parents for helping everyone else but neglecting her. Not the kind who went through a HUGE rebellion.

I was the kind of pastor’s kid who LOVED the church. Wanted to be apart of EVERYTHING. My parents are AMAZING and I never felt neglected. I 150% owned my church, love my church, would die and bleed for her. No lie, I would (and have on several occasions) fight and defend her and do everything and anything in my power to strengthen her and see her shine. it’s just how I’ve always felt.

So, when I started into fitness coaching I had a dilemma. Was it OK for me to be passionate about and pursue something other than *gasp* the local church and advancing the gospel?

It’s taken me over a year of wrestling and questioning and going back and forth and looking at scripture and looking at my heart to finally feel like I’m honing in my thoughts and my voice when it comes to navigating these waters.

This Sunday we looked at the passage in Romans 12:1 “Present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship!”

Why would I devote myself to the strengthening of physical bodies? Won’t they just burn in the end? Won’t they decay and be destroyed? Well, yes, but right now, right here on this earth we have WORK TO DO. Eternal work. Work that will effect GENERATIONS to come and that work happens through our physical bodies!! It is an act of spiritual worship to present our BODIES to God, holy and acceptable.

I saw it in my own life. I had the DESIRE to do great things for God – serve my family, serve my church, but was UNABLE because I was too weak. My mind was cloudy and depressed, my energy level was abysmal. Exercise and strengthening my body made me feel like for the first time I could DO, with joy a vigor, all that God was calling me to!

So, once I established that what I was doing was absolutely ok and still on par with what I believed – that my life should be spent building up the kingdom of God – I had to think through HOW do I do this?

This is where I feel like I have struggled the most. I have been SO focused on helping others get healthy physically that I feel like I have neglected a bit my focus on the gospel. I struggled with how to clearly communicate the importance of physical health while affirming that spiritual health needs to be a priority as well.

I’m an ALL IN, 100% committed, full steam ahead type of person. In my excitement over the “missing link” to my spiritual walk I feel like I have overly focused on physical health and not presented a balanced approach.

In my own life I have continued to pursue spiritual growth (in fact, being consistent with morning workouts has DRAMATICALLY increased my consistency in spiritual disciplines as well) but I haven’t TALKED about it as much.

Nothing that you do will be 100% perfect out of the gate and I appreciate many of my friends for having patience with me as I find my voice as a fitness coach, mother, wife, Christian, artist, writer and business woman.

I’ve always been a jump in and then figure it out type of person – which is a good thing, but requires understanding from others – and I appreciate everyone who has been following me on this journey for being gracious with me (well, most of you – hee hee) but even those who have challenge me, disagreed with me, stopped talking to me or following me, I appreciate you.

Cheers to messy starts, learning through mistakes, never giving up and living life to the absolute fullest! I’m not afraid of imperfection – I hope you aren’t either!

Always Learning,


  1. Vanessa

    I applaud you for speaking out in faith and for realizing we need to balance our lives and passions and yet keep our focus on the Lord. Him being our primary focus. When we follow His will and guidance the rest just falls into place.
    I think you are a great writer as well.

    I too, find myself in similar circumstances. I have been writing for about 25 years. I have 3 grown children. I strive to live my life God focused. I have been battling wrought gain for various reasons and need to lose the weight and get back to fitness. You are so right in saying that when our bodies aren’t functioning well our thoughts suffer as well.

    I have been clouded with self defeating thoughts because of how I presently look in my eyes. Yet I am reminded that The Lord loves me just as I am in this moment. The enemy tries to sway me with lies to keep me down and defeated, but he will never win that battle. I am committed to jumping in to achieve a better physical self, restored and refreshed in Jesus’Name.

    I’m so glad I found you and I know you’ll be inspiring and motivating to me on my own journey.

    Thank you for sharing your story. It is great that you stand upon your faith (even against the nay sayers). I look forward to this journey. Thank you for sharing your time to help others. God is surely blessing you and your family.

    • Susan, thank you for your kind words! I am honored to be able to encourage you on your fitness journey! It’s been hard for me to be OK with spending time and money on my health, but the reward of having good health has been SO worth it!!


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