21 Day Fix Extreme – CRUSHED IT!!

As many of you know, I tried this program THREE times before FINALLY being able to finish it. This program is NOT for the beginner or weak of heart, but I love it and I’m super proud to be a 21 Day Fix Extreme graduate!

I realized when I started this time that I couldn’t bring the same amount of effort and preparation to Extreme as I did to the original 21 Day Fix. The greater your goals the more you have to up the effort.

After I realized that I needed to do something different I took action. I decided to go ALL OUT and prep EVERY SINGLE meal, snack and dessert ahead of time. This was a lot of work – I’m not going to lie. It took me a lot of time to cook all the proteins, sides and portion everything out. The GOOD part was that I did this every four days and then I didn’t have to cook or THINK about what to eat for the next four days.

All in all I would say ABSOLUTELY worth it!

I’m giving you my meal plan for weeks 2 and 3 (you can find my meal plan for week 1 here) so that half of the work is mostly done for you and you can just focus on prepping everything.

Week 2:
Week 2 Meal Plan for 21 Day fix Extreme

Week 3:
Week Three 21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Plan
The workouts also required greater accountability – I REALLY opened up to my online challenge group more than ever before – and to YOU – my audience.  I BEGGED my husband to push me if he saw me waiver, I told him this time was DIFFERENT I wanted this more than ever before. I set my intentions and did not allow myself to consider failure or giving up as an option.

Sounds extreme right?

THAT’S THE POINT! 21 Day Fix EXTREME. I wanted to push past my plateau, I wanted to be more than mediocre. It’s not EVERYONE’S goal, but sometimes when the status quo just isn’t doing it you have to come at it from a different angle, with greater effort and intention!

I do not regret it AT ALL.
My results have been AWESOME! I have been doing a little clothing shopping thanks to some record breaking weeks that my team has had recently – giving me extra income as a Beachbody coach and a big Beachbody conference coming up in July.

It’s been so much fun to shop and not feel frumpy, lumpy and uncomfortable in my own skin. I’ve been grabbing 4’s!!! (Size 6 was my previous “skinny size”) Even though my happiness is not based on how I look, I AM proud of my progress and do not feel bad celebrating it.

Half way through I did the 3 Day Refresh (which I blogged about here) and that was a LIFESAVER to keep me on track.

So, without further ado – my 21 Day Fix Extreme results!
Hooray for pushing past limits – mentally, physically and emotionally.

21 Day Fix Extreme Results21 Day Fix Extreme Results There’s only moving up – going forward – progress!

If you are interested in doing this program – or the original 21 Day Fix with me, I run monthly challenge groups that provide tips, accountability, meal plans and daily motivation – the program is on sale for the month of June and I would love to hook you up with the discount and cheer you on every step of the way!
Message me to get started!

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