The Story of the Dreamer

Once upon a time there was a dreamer.
The sky wasn’t her limit, it was her platform.
She never felt more alive than when she was dreaming – seeing things as they could be, asking why not. Filling her mind with the most beautiful visions – determined to be a warrior of light against this world’s darkness.

But as she looked in the mirror – at her small arms and non-existent skills, doubt crept in like a cancer. She was uncertain to trust such beautiful dreams in her weak and dirty hands.

Disbelief resulted in half-hearted effort which led to failure.
Disappointment, disillusionment, discouragement set in.

Each time these unrealized dreams left a bitter taste in her mouth until she spit them out, vowing never to try again. Stamping FAILURE on her forehead.

In the quiet of the afternoon dreams would bubble up again but “NO!” She thought, “I’m not that girl – too lazy, too quiet, too powerless.”

One day, she saw a dreamer, dancing in the light, flying to the heights. At a second glance she saw more than a dreamer, she saw confidence. She saw a dreamer who was also a DO-ER.

She couldn’t look away. Every movement, calculated, precise, effective, but flowing from a heart and dream that shook her to the core.

Reluctantly. Timidly she stepped onto the dance floor – following the dreamer/do-er, mimicking her steps.

When the music stopped the dreamer/do-er turned to her and said: “be the light, yes you can, you have to. GO! FLY! SHINE!”

Finally freed, finally full of dreams AND strategy, skills, CONFIDENCE – She began to start her own dance.

And the dreamer was reborn – only this time it wasn’t just a dream…she was creating a new reality – ripples that could change the world.

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