21 Day Fix Cookbook: Fixate *GIVEAWAY*

21 Day Fix Cookbook FIXATE Giveaway
Not sure if you’ve heard, but an official, jam-packed, 21 Day Fix cookbook is coming out in July!

I am crazy excited for this because I have spent the past year coming up with my best attempts at healthy recipes (you can find most of them here) that are 21 Day Fix approved and BOY would it be nice to not have to GUESS and hope, and wrack my brain for some fun new meals!

In honor of this momentous occasion and because I LOOOOOVE you guys! I have decided to do a Fixate GIVEAWAY!

It’s pretty simple – everyone who decides to start their 21 Day Fix journey with me this month gets entered to win! I usually have about 10 ladies each month who join my challenge so – pretty good odds!

If you’ve been watching my journey, and on the fence about it – NOW is the time! Oh – and did I mention that the 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme are also on sale this month? It’s like we are all over here plotting how to get you in awesome shape this summer or something!

Here is a little video with some more information on the cookbook:

Am I the only one dying over here? July cannot come fast enough!
But, no need to wait for July to try out some of the recipes from Fixate – I have 5 FREE recipes you can try RIGHT NOW! I know…you don’t have to thank me, but you’re welcome.

Click here for the PDF

I’m totally trying out  the Black Bean Quinoa Salad on my kids this week – make sure you subscribe to the blog so you won’t miss my review (and more importantly, the kid’s review) of the recipe.

Message me if you are ready to get started – or have more questions!
Click here to order 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme and automatically be registered for both the giveaway and my next challenge group!

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