21 Day Fix Extreme: Week 1

21 Day Fix Extreme Week 1

Three attempts to complete the 21 Day Fix Extreme.
Three FAILED attempts.

I don’t know if it was the super challenging workouts that left me sore as can be (like walking around like an old lady sore), or if it was the more strict – cleaner meal plan that my will-power couldn’t handle, but I had fallen on my face THREE times with this program.

I was COMFORTABLE with my old workouts – I was pretty good at them – I would only get moderately sore.

I was COMFORTABLE with my eating plan – I could fit my cheats and treats in there. Things were good.

Until they weren’t.

Until weekends went from allowing myself 1 treat to giving myself 2 (sometimes 3) days completely off from healthy eating. It’s like my laziness just kept spreading. If there was a party or a special event or we just decided to take the kids out for ice cream! I was living it up.

All of a sudden my clothes weren’t fitting right, that gross feeling started being a regular part of my day – foods that made me bloated, gassy (sorry, it’s true), break out and mentally foggy were doing their thing.

It’s like I had hopped on a ride that was moving slowly and I thought I could hop off at anytime and then it speed up and I wasn’t sure how to stop it!

I’ve been reading this phenomenal book called “The Hunger Fix”. It’s about food addiction and how our brains work and what steps are needed to break this addiction. I started seeing that when I play around with cheats and treats – at least for me – I am playing with FIRE. It’s not something I can handle in small amounts. Seeing sweets for what they really are for me: an addictive substance – began to change my view of food and helped me stay strong.

Over the past 2 weeks I’ve been making MUCH wiser choices and feeling MENTALLY more equipped to really clean up my eating and BREAK this addiction in my life.

So, last week, on a TUESDAY (not even a MONDAY!!) I just decided. I am going to freaking conquer the 21 Day Fix Extreme. I am going to go ALL IN, and CRUSH IT.

So, knowing that I had failed in the past I knew I needed to up my game.

I started with planning.Food Prep for the 21 Day Fix Extreme
I planned my meals, EVERY SINGLE ONE for the next four days (that was all I could handle). After I planned everything I took some time and prepared EVERYTHING I possibly could so that it was literally: grab and eat ready.

I chopped cucumbers and tomatoes for my salad, I browned ground turkey and seasoned it for my “Mexican” night. I cooked black beans and hard boiled eggs. Then I labeled EVERYTHING.

Here is my meal plan for this week – EXACTLY what I’ve eaten.
If you are curious about the colors – that helps me to make sure I’m eating all my color coded containers the meal plan is based on.
21 Day Fix Extreme Meal Plan Week 1

It felt so good knowing that my mind was removed from the equation. When I felt hungry, I looked at the meal plan, grabbed my food and ate it. It was a decision, not a feeling.

By day 4 I was already seeing results! Well…..actually, by day 1 I was FEELING results. My gosh – my body  just runs SO much better on healthy food!! I was feeling in control again, I was feeling emotionally more stable and better able to handle the stress of my kids and my life. It’s like that crazy carnival ride was slowing down, I got off and started on my way.

But by day 4 I was SEEING changes. I always forget how quickly things happen on this program.

Upper Fix ExtremeSo, I’ve completed Week 1 and to be honest, my temptation is to NOT food prep again. To tell myself that it’s too much work, and I’ll be fine without it – but I know that’s a bunch of BS. I NEED to food prep – every week – I need to have those healthy meals at my FINGERTIPS and have a plan for every single day. It’s just what it takes at THIS POINT in my food addiction journey and with the 21 Day Fix Extreme.

If you keep failing at something, don’t take it as a sign that you can NEVER do it – take it as a sign that you need to up your game – try harder, try something new and get better support. I have been more open and transparent with my online accountability group than EVER before. I TOLD them when I was headed off to a party with some delicious cupcakes and KNOWING that I would have to tell them how I did when I got home kept me STRONG!

You CAN accomplish your goals if you are willing to up your effort, find support and give it all you’ve got! I’m so excited to see what happens in these next two weeks as I continue on the 21 Day Fix Extreme program – not just in my body, but in my mind and the strength of my spirit. Weight loss and fitness is SO much more than physical – it’s a mental battle with yourself and your limits – it’s deciding not to stay comfortable but to keep pushing and the thrill of overcoming what you thought you could never do.

Here is my progress after 1 Week:
2015-06-09 05.15.44I am posting daily updates on my facebook fitness page – feel free to follow along!

If you want to join me with the 21 Day Fix Extreme – or if you aren’t ready for that level of workouts and meal plan yet, and want to start with the original 21 Day Fix, I’d love to have you in one of my online accountability groups and provide you with my meal plans and one on one coaching. I KNOW that with the right tools and support you can accomplish ANYTHING!! Message me for more information or click here to order the 21 Day Fix or 21 Day Fix Extreme and be automatically registered for my next group.


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