Getting Fit as a Mom is SUPER HARD!

There I’ve said it.
Here are four reasons why.


IMG_6606Reason 1: You have to wake up at the butt crack of dawn.

Oh! the baby was up five times last night? Surely your pure love of exercise and the motivation for losing those last 20lbs will propel you out of bed! #nevermissamonday

Reason 2: Working out with your kids gets messy and complicated – QUICK

If you somehow weren’t able to get your workout done before the kiddos woke up, just workout with your kids! It’s not hard. Haven’t you seen all those videos on instagram? Just go outside, put one in the stroller and do squats, the other kids will most surely just play nearby (or maybe even join you!) and NEVER run off, or throw rocks at some other kid, or ask you a million times “NOW can we go play at the park?”FullSizeRender

Or do an at home workout, don’t worry about those heavy dangerous weights, I’m sure your kids would never try to pick one up and drop it on their foot – or get in a fight with their sister – or want a drink of water – or need to go to the bathroom.

Or go to a gym with childcare – the amount of time it takes you to get everyone out the door will probably be longer than the time you actually spend at the gym, but totally worth it.

Reason 3: Eating small healthy meals every 2 hours – who has time for that?!

You are only breastfeeding every 2-3 hours, changing diapers, doing laundry, reading Green Eggs and Ham twenty times in a row, cleaning crayon off the wall, running to Target for more milk and diapers, kissing boo-boos, and watching your little one’s dance performance or listening to last night’s dream. You have plenty of time to eat perfectly timed meals, right?

Reason 4: Cut sugar and alcohol out of my diet – are you crazy?

At the end of a stressful day you can totally unwind with a bowl of baby carrots and hummus. You don’t need chocolate or wine! Emotional eating is for the birds. You are stronger than that. #fitmom


Getting fit as a mom is super HARD! I struggle EVERY DAY to make it work as a mom of three kids ages 4, 3 and 18 months. There are always interruptions and roadblocks and it can be downright frustrating!

About a year ago I somehow stumbled upon a program called the 21 Day Fix – not only did this program allow me to have some chocolate and wine, but it came with a month supply of the delicious Shakeology (of course I went with chocolate!) which helped me get in a quick meal when I was having a crazy day with the kids and kept me on track when I wanted to grab a Frap from Starbucks or drown myself in a bowl of ice cream.
I also got hooked up with a free coach who taught me how to meal plan on the weekends so that everything was ready for me during the week and I started eating ENOUGH as a breastfeeding mom to keep up my milk supply and have energy to deal with my kids. She connected me to other women and moms in an online accountability group where I didn’t feel alone in my struggles, but inspired to keep going inspite of them.

I lost 30lbs in 3 months. I felt my energy skyrocket. I felt like: I can do this – even with three crazy kids – even though I’m not sleeping through the night – even though I’m breastfeeding – I can do this, not just for 21 days, but for life.

It changed everything for me, and now I want to pay it forward and help others. I am now a Beachbody coach and along my journey this past year I have created meal plans, and figured out REAL tips that work in the real world with real kids and I’m looking for other women, just like me, who are desperate to get in shape but are having a hard time finding the right solution.

IMG_5971If you are interested in joining a group like this where I will support you through the 21 Day Fix, give you all my tips, surround you with other women and moms so we can push each other to be better – every day – and don’t judge at the occasional glass of wine or piece of chocolate send me a message!

You can also find me on Facebook and Instagram where I regularly post about motherhood, fitness and my most simple healthy meals.

To order the 21 Day Fix and be automatically registered for my next accountability group Click Here.

Staying fit as a mom is NOT easy – but when we do it together – with the right tools and support – it can be done!!
You are worth it mama.

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