You Are Strong

After reading this article about a photo project that captures women less than 24 hours after giving birth, I felt deeply moved.

I know this isn’t what I typically write on here in this blog, but I feel that it still fits, here’s why.

Women have an immense power. It’s a softer power than men, and often discounted, but it is SO real and earth shattering when tapped into. Our power lies in giving life. When that moment comes to give life to our babies, there is no stopping a woman. In that moment she is filled with glorious purpose. She is stretched, literally and figuratively, to her utter limits and still finds the strength to take one more breath and give one more push and bring forth life. Every muscle working towards this goal, every bit of mental concentration – it is powerful and beautiful and absolutely breathtaking.

Even if you have never given birth and aren’t a mother – you have that power within you. You know what it feels like, when you are striving to give life to a friend who is struggling, or give life to a new business venture, or give life to a piece of art – creation, beauty, genesis. When you feel stretched to your utter limit and push forward and every waking thought is filled with this goal – that’s the power of a woman who is bringing forth life.

There is nothing that can stand in our way, our hearts beat to give life to others. It’s just the truth.

Instead of running from the pain or shutting it off – you will find freedom in embracing the pain, pushing into it, letting it fuel your desire to reach your goal and delight in the prize.

I wish to add my voice to the many who say:

You ARE strong enough. You ARE brave enough. You CAN do great things and bring forth new life and the pain WILL end.

If I’m completely honest, this is the #1 reason why I am a fitness coach and devote my life to helping other women get healthy. I am in utter awe of the power of women and I want to do everything I can to strengthen her from the inside out so that she can run and fly and bring forth beautiful life and change this dark and ugly and cold world with her LOVE.

That’s my why.

Here are some photos of my peaceful labors and moments after giving birth to my three beautiful babies.
All three were water births with no drugs or intervention of any kind.

Baby #1 – Samuel

Baby #2 – Jasmine
  IMG_2622 IMG_2633 _MG_2679

Baby #3 – Caleb



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